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Samodivsko Praskalo falls

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

November 1st came and here I am on my way to the town of Devin.

I drive on the incredible and new road Krichim - Devin along the Vacha river.

Waterfall Samodivsko praskalo
It's the height of the autumn!

The gorge of Vacha is just brightly picturesque and amazingly beautiful!

Vacha is the second largest river in the Rhodopes after Arda. It flows into the Maritsa river.

The waters of the river and its tributaries are used for electricity.

One by one along the road I pass by the cascade "Dospat - Vacha" (Krichim, Vacha and Tsankov Kamak dams).

The Rhodopes are incredibly colorful and brightly shine in the autumn November sun.

Entering the town of Devin, I take straight, while the navigation tells me that I have arrived at the appointed place - the beginning of the Struilitsa eco-trail.

The parking lot is almost empty, it's still a weekday, and I really hoped to avoid the usually weekend crowds.


The trail along the Devinska River to the gazebo is easy and super pleasant.

As for the Rhodopes...

Eh, the Rhodopes...

They are incredibly beautiful every season - there is no dispute here. But in the middle of autumn they are simply delightful!




I cannot find the right words to express the autumn mood that overwhelms me, which these more than impressive mountains give.

Beauty! Beauty everywhere!

The Devinska River is delightful!

The sun's rays pass between the hills of the mountain and are reflected in every leaf of the surrounding trees. Their colors play merrily from the light breeze and make me smile.

Colorful! Magical!

Opposite rocks reflect colors and sing.

Colors! A spectacle of colors! Colorful sun rays everywhere!

The smiles of the trees!

The mountain welcomes me!

I am at the gazebo for no more than fifteen minutes, even without panting.

I am on the trail to the Samodivsko praskalo falls.

The trail to the Samodivsko praskalo falls is the first on the right and literally behind the white neat building. The beginning of the trail is well marked, so it is not possible to confuse a person.

The trail itself to the Samodivsko praskalo falls is more difficult, so I would advise you to equip yourself properly, especially if it has rained before, ie. it may be slippery, so just be careful.

In no more than fifteen minutes you will be in front of the waterfall.

And since it's autumn, I can safely say that you will be under both the leafs fall and the waterfall!

I am not sure if I will be able to describe to you, my dear friends, the sight I came across in surprise.

Amazing beauty!

November, a spectacle of water splashes that shine with all the colors of the rainbow that awaited me under the waterfall!

With each slight gust of wind the leaves flew in dance!

The splashes of the waterfall took them and continued to dance together, while the colors of the sun's rays reflected in the millions of drops of water creating magic!

I realize that I was a living witness of a real Rhodope miracle - magic created by the Lord!

So much beauty that you remain speechless!

I sincerely wish everyone to be able to touch this true Rhodope magic!

From the information board I understand that this waterfall is officially one of the 100 phenomena of Bulgaria and I already know for sure why!

The total height with all the falls of the Samodivsko praskalo waterfall is 70 meters.


The surrounding rocks are lined with colorful Rhodope rugs!

There is also a legend about the origin of the name of the waterfall, closely related to the past of Devin.

Here she is:

“Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was an old fortress near the waterfall. The enemy had known about the fortress for a long time and was constantly making plans to capture it.

It so happened that one black night, after another fierce attack, the enemy managed to capture it.

Three girls, three most personal friends, managed to escape from the fortress under the veil of night, but did not get far, because, sensing the escape, the enemy sent a loss after them.

On a secret path, the three girls reach the waterfall, where they braid their hair and throw themselves into the abyss of night together.

The path that the girls took was extremely dangerous and that is why it has been known since time immemorial as "Dear God".

The loss had no idea of ​​the dangers lurking everywhere, and when they arrived at the waterfall, they were enchanted by mysterious female voices.

Deceived by mysterious songs, they all fell into the abyss and died.

According to legend, the three girls, the three most personal friends, became divas to save their brethren in the fortress.

Even today, the locals claim that after sunset, their mournful songs can be heard here, lamenting their evil fate."

How to get to the starting point of Struilitsa eco-trail in Devin?

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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