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Maiden bath colonnade in Hisarya

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Dear fans of "Photo Moments", I am happy to present to you the "Kolonada Momina Banya" water kiosk in Hisarya!

Maiden bath colonnade in Hisarya

How do you get to Maiden bath colonnade in Hisarya?

Entering Hisarya from the south (on the road through Staro Zhelezare or on the Kaloyanovo – Chernichevo road), continue along "Hristo Botev" boulevard and turn right at the intersection with "General Gurko" boulevard.

If you enter Hisarya from the east, you pass the "Momina Banya" neighborhood and at the same turn-off take the "General Gurko" boulevard.

At the colored sign HISARYA, you turn left, and the water kiosk falls immediately to the right.

Parking in front of the colonnade is allowed for a stay of up to 15 minutes (while you fill yourself with water).

Maiden bath colonnade in Hisarya

The characteristics and chemical composition of the aqua vitae gushing from the Maiden bath colonnade are as follows:

  • Water temperature: 51.2°C

  • pH: 9.09

  • Radon content: 26.19 emanations / liter

  • Metasilicic acid: 58.91 mg/l

  • Fluorine: 5.50 mg/l

  • Calcium: 3.42 mg/l

  • Sodium and calcium: 56.8 mg/l

  • Chlorine: 8.36 mg/l

  • Sulphate: 32 mg/l

  • Hydrocarbons: 67.12 mg/l

  • Magnesium: trace amounts

  • Manganese: not determined

  • Aluminum: 2.48 mg/l

Maiden bath colonnade in Hisarya


  • Hyperthermic

  • Hydrocarbonate-sodium, fluorine, containing radon

Maiden bath colonnade in Hisarya

I have very carefully transcribed this information for you from the posted sign hanging above the Maiden bath colonnade" (well number 3).

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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