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Rila park in Dupnitsa

Updated: 2 days ago

Dear friends of Photo Moments, welcome to Rila Park in Dupnitsa!

Rila park in the city of Dupnitsa
Rila park in the city of Dupnitsa

I had read about this relatively new park at the foot of beautiful Rila, but I was definitely not prepared for so much charm!

The park is huge, modern and green, and the Bistrica river flows through it, over which 38 bridges have been built.

I took the walk to the park on a cool, rainy June day and it was so fresh, incredibly green, quite cool and extremely pleasant.

A chapel was built in the park.

It's great fun for kids, especially when visiting the little zoo.

At the farthest end of the park, a wide lake has been built, which reflects the green slopes of Rila in its calm waters.

The lake also has some beautiful and quite nice inhabitants.

I also saw several designated areas for gathering friends with tables, benches and a barbecue.

How do you get to Rila Park in Dupnitsa?

I wish you an exceptional, relaxing, green, fresh and impressive walk!

And as an ending,

my dear friends

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