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Obzor sunrise

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

We are staying, we are staying and it's nothing that it's autumn.

We are staying, we are staying and it's nothing that the shore is empty.

Authors: Magi Hranova and Vili Kavaldzhiev

An endless horizon

The thing I like most about the Obzor beach is the horizon!

The boundless & vast horizon!

My gaze wanders - from St. Atanas cape near Byala, all the way to the eastern slopes of Stara Planina, encircling the beautiful Irakli beach from the north.

And the incredibly long strip of sand with one of the cleanest, so fine, hot and crunchy sand underfoot.

You can walk on it for hours while the sea roars and breaks the waves at your feet.

The photo moments in this post were taken one early September morning in about an hour.

I arrived on the beach around 5:45 and immediately started shooting and so on until sunrise.

Just see how much the sea changes in an hour and welcome this amazing and unique sunrise with me!

It is both beautiful & magical, with its own charm and great power. The wind was blowing hard and the sea was following it, breaking huge waves in the sand, roaring terribly.

I wish you a sensational and impressive walk!

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