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Obzor's shore

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Obzor's shore

To my wonderful wife Kristina!


So fast everything passes,

But still love creates

A trace of your trace.


Even when I'm gone

And only the song remains

A mark of my soul.

Miroslav Kostadinov

"We walk together barefoot, Me and You,

we walk on the sand so hot. "

Miglena Georgieva

Fine, warm sand - scattered,

soft and golden, shrimps it hides

and colorful mussels, and here,

and there,


And in us the hearts beat madly!

A walk.


Hand in hand.

Feet - barefoot.


The waves ...

And the whisper


A kiss, more than one ...

And incomparable love pours in us!

The hearts are beating madly!

Two in one.

Hands clasped together.

And every step is love!

And every step takes you away!

And something bright shone in you.

And seagulls fly over the waves as a sign.

You take a star off the horizon

and gently braid it into her hair.

And she looks at you with a flame of fire and the world

is different now!

Life is so wonderful!

The shore is empty.

The sea is wild.

The tide.

Crescent moon in the sky.



It was getting dark.

The sand is colder.

Sea breeze.

The sea is warm.

The waves are warm.

The feet are warm.

I'm walking.

And something in us...


Fiery and Holy!


I hold a heart shaped stone in my hand.

Heart shaped stone!

Symbol firm and wonderful.

It was lying on the shore.

Find it a child.

There is music in our souls.

The spirit is awake.

The shore is already dark - a clear viewing shore.

Vast expanse - the sea.

The firmament is clear.

The stars gently shine far away.

A warm breeze is blowing.

The noise is so wonderful.

She is here and he is here.

They together - rocks!

One Love!

So holy!

Obzor shore.

With sand, mussels, shrimps and seaweed.

Forest and mountain.

And maritime climate.

That walk still warms our palms.

We will come here again ...

The sea calls us with its passionate cries!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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