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Momina banya route

Dear guests of Hisarya,

I'm Stefan from Photo moments and it's a great honor for me to be your guide today!

Momina banya route

Type of route – need for transport and walking.

Total length (with transport) – about 5 kilometers.

The total length of the pedestrian section is about one and a half kilometers.

Duration – between an hour and a half and two hours, depending on the pace you walk and also the number and length of breaks you take.

Appropriate equipment – comfortable sports shoes, as well as comfortable clothing and outerwear according to the season.

Recommended for people of all ages!

NB! Own transport or taxi hire required!

Set the navigation or share with the taxi driver the following address:

Today we start our journey from the majestic Assumption Church, which is located in the Momina Banya district in the city of Hisarya.

Temple "Assumption of the Virgin", which is located in the "Momina Banya" district in the city of Hisarya

After viewing this beautiful church, we head east along Bor Street to its intersection with Haidushka Street.

The yellow sign-arrows point us in the right direction and soon we are briskly walking along the trail to the cross above the "Momina Banya" district.

The path to the cross above the district "Momina Banya" in the city of Hisarya

The path is slightly steep, but very pleasant, and from the elevation near the cross there is a wonderful view to marvel at!

Satisfied with this inquisitive, fascinating and definitely tiring but healthy walk, it is time on the way back to get into our cars (or call a taxi), drive to the Augusta SPA Hotel Hisarya, where we will enjoy a a well-deserved and relaxing break!

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