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Along the trail to the cross over Momina Banya

Updated: Jun 11

It's spring season!

The sun is nice and shine for everyone!

The sky is azure blue and only here and there a fluffy white cloud floats through the blue.

The big white cross, visible from afar
The birds sing, glorifying the Lord!

Everything around is getting greener.

So it's time for adventures!

Today we will climb together on an incredibly beautiful trail up to the cross, located above the neighborhood "Momina Banya" in our beloved Hisarya.

How to get here?

An excellent guide is the large white cross, which is visible from afar. It is enough to take this direction with your car until you find yourself at its foot and the beginning of the trail. That's exactly what I did.

The cross also exists as a point on Google maps, so you can simply choose it in the navigation and then leave it to take you to the coveted goal.

The church of the Assumption is also an excellent landmark, also located in the Momina Banya district. The path to the cross is very close to the church.

Whichever way you choose, you will certainly be able to reach the beginning of the trail, which starts from the northernmost part of the Momina Banya district on Haidushka Street.

You can park your car here. There are several yellow signposts to direct you in the right way. There are also markings along the trail itself.

Take a backpack with you, water, put on comfortable hiking boots and do not forget your good mood.

The trail is easy and extremely pleasant. I enter a small grove. It is full of rocks and all kinds of stones in all shapes.

The higher I climb, the more unique views of Hisarya and the surrounding area I see.

Soon I find a fountain, from which cold mountain water springs. Here you can relax and then move forward and on the upstairs among the rocks.

The trail soon takes me on a huge rock - a kind of site for rest, from where a great view can be enjoyed. You just stand, relax and enjoy the splendor and beauty of our Bulgarian nature.

Beauty sung by poets and writers!

After relaxing yourself, continue up the trail above. There are small stone steps carved in places in the rocks. At times, the rocks are so close together that it's a lot of fun to cross.

And all forward and all up!

It is more and more green!

Spring flowers have adorned and colored the earth! Everything is very beautiful, incredibly calm, so green and so nice!

And this walk is definitely fascinating!

Strange shaggy rocks are rolled everywhere, and our path - among them.

Here is the covenant goal!

I am almost upstairs, and here I am suddenly greeted by a beautiful well.

The cross also rises above the well.

There are wonderful places for relaxation and rest. There is a huge shed, tables with benches and all this with a view of the majestic and captivating view of Hisarya, the surrounding area, the area "Voden kamak" and the phenomenal Rhodope, blue in the distance.

There is also a kind of panoramic site, from which breathtaking photos are taken.

The cross rises above all this.

Below it in the rock is formed a corner, above which is depicted the Virgin and Child.

It's clean, tidy and just great here!

I read on the Internet that a week before my visit it was thoroughly cleaned of debris and yes - everything around was glowing with cleanliness!

Congratulations to the wonderful, honest and hardworking people of Hisarya! They have turned this place into a real delight for the senses!

I wish you a charming walk!

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