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Melnik Earth Pyramids

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

I really could not describe the feelings that overflowed in me, facing such beauty!

You just have to see it for yourself!

Melnik Earth Pyramids are rock formations, which are one of the most visited by tourists rock pyramids in Bulgaria.

They are located at the foot of the southwestern part of Pirin in the vicinity of the smallest town in Bulgaria - Melnik. The area, in addition to the pyramids themselves, includes a huge number of other rock formations such as rock mushrooms, needles, cones and others.

The Melnik earth pyramids reach a height of 100 meters. Characteristic of their appearance is that their slopes are sandy and in places almost completely vertical. Deciduous plants and grasses grow on their tops.

The Melnik Earth Pyramids are under construction and their appearance and shape are changing. They were declared a natural landmark in 1960.

Saint Nicholas Plateau

How to get to Melnik?

The starting point is the town of Melnik.

You head to the notorious Kordopulov House, perhaps the most famous building in Melnik, located on the edge of town.

You pass the ruins of the church of St. Barbara, which was a personal temple of Kordopoulos, and walk about 150-200 meters. You reach (right) the signpost "Monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos Spileotis (Holy Zone"), where a small, light but steep path begins.

The trail is also known as the "300-step trail". You take it and in about 20 minutes you will be on the plateau, unless you stop to take pictures, because in some places there are really captivating views of the pyramids, Melnik and Kordopulov's house.

Arriving upstairs, you can take a left or right.

If you want to enjoy Melnik from above first, take the left.

Here, in addition to the charming and magnificent view of Melnik, a number of pleasant surprises await you.

There were two monasteries on the plateau - the Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Spileotis and the Monastery of St. Charalampius, both of which are now in ruins.

Currently, the chapel of the Blessed Virgin Spileotis is being built on the site of the ruins.

Behind it is more than an impressive view of Melnik and the surrounding area.

It is indescribably beautiful!

There is no way you can remain indifferent and calm in the face of such a miracle of nature! I hope to be able to convey a bit of beauty through a few modest photos.

Once you forget who you are and what you are doing here, you can go back to the beginning of the trail, where you can take the right of it.

You will arrive at the very edge of the plateau, from where you will enjoy several more phenomenal views of the pyramids, and behind them, the snow-capped ridges of Pirin rise majestically.

It is indescribable!

You really have no idea who you are and what you are doing here!

It's so magnificent!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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