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Grand Hotel Therme – top spa luxury between three mountains

Updated: May 13

I had a dream the other night.

In my dream, the enchanted Pirin region was calling me to return!

I dreamed of three mountains:

  • the lovely Pirin

Pirin, photographed from the "Steps" panoramic platform above Razlog
Pirin, photographed from the "Steps" panoramic platform above Razlog
  • the graceful Rila

Rila, photographed from the "Steps" panoramic platform above Razlog
Rila, photographed from the "Steps" panoramic platform above Razlog
  • the majestic Rhodopes

The Rhodope Mountains and the village of Banya, photographed from the panoramic platform "Steps" above Razlog
The Rhodope Mountains and the village of Banya, photographed from the panoramic platform "Steps" above Razlog

White caps of unmelted snow still sparkled here and there on their crests.

Their green slopes cast cool shadows and beckoned me in the sultry summer heat.

Songs of happiness and joy rose from the hearts of the birds that inhabited their forests, and rang out over the blues high above peaks, crags, and hills.

I felt their call:

Come to us! - they whispered in my sleep.

Something magnetically attracted me, something irresistible – beauty and charm, health and tranquility, luxury and taste, refinement and tranquility!

Dear friends, I could not resist this incomparable invitation and set off there - to the place where three mountains meet - to Banya, Razlozhko, nestled in the westernmost fringes of the Rhodopes, under the shadows of Pirina and opposite the beautiful Rila.

The village of Banya is ancient, it is old and steeped in history. And how else - on its territory, even today, more than 70 springs with healing hot mineral water gush forth. This is how it was in the past - in ancient times, when people sought this gift of God and built their homes around these same springs.

And right here - between three mountains, in a place full of history, surrounded by beauty, silence and tranquility, with its own captured hot mineral spring, I discover another jewel - an exceptional SPA oasis of health:

Grand Hotel Therme – 5-star top spa luxury between three mountains

I'm in a hurry, I'm even flying! This beauty should not and should not be missed!

Entering the village of Banya, I find the right way very quickly, because the signposts with the name of the hotel are an excellent reference point. Trust me, you can't go wrong in the right direction.

In a minute I am in front of the Grand Hotel Therme, which is located along the Konevitsa River, flowing east of the village.

Grand Hotel Therme

The building of the hotel is more than impressive - an incredible and amazingly beautiful combination of wood, glass and stone!

Grand Hotel Therme

This view grabs you at first sight!

Grand Hotel Therme

Standing in front of the hotel, I feel as if a star has fallen from the sky and is now before me, sparkling, sparkling and blazing with the brilliance of a thousand stars!

5-star splendor - luxury, health, coziness, sophistication and tranquility, in the middle of wild nature!

The doors of the Grand Hotel Therme open in front of me, I step through the doors and instantly find myself in a fairy tale.

Extreme luxury!

Every detail has been thought of.

The lobby is huge, vast, gigantic – bathed in light!

Grand Hotel Therme

Stone, glass and wood create an impressive atmosphere in which every guest feels like a fairy-tale character in a royal palace.

Loby Bar Therme

Opposite the reception is a luxurious lobby bar, where I get tired after a long journey with a glass of aromatic drink.

Through the huge panoramic windows, a powerful light streams, even pushes, and a million reflections from the water surface seem to dance to the rhythm of the gentle music floating around.

And the view...

Grand Hotel Therme: Vitality pool външен басейн

The view from the lobby bar to the outdoor pool, the green area that surrounds it, the nearby forest and the high teeth of Pirin is so stunning, extraordinary and so superb that you want to become a part of this magic in an instant!

Welnes & spa – the magic of Grand Hotel Therme

This is a unique experience that every guest of the Grand Hotel Therme should give themselves!

I have written a lot about the health benefits of hot mineral springs. So now I have the great pleasure of sharing my incredible experiences once again with you, my extraordinary audience.

The Grand Hotel Therme spa area is fed with healing hot mineral water from its own thermal spring with a temperature of 58 degrees Celsius. The water has a proven healing effect, both for bathing - externally, and for drinking treatment - internally. The water from this spring helps lower high blood pressure and has a calming effect.

The water is clear, colorless, thermal and with very pleasant drinking and tasting qualities.

As I saw for myself, mineral water has an extremely beneficial effect on the skin, making it softer.

I invite you - take some time for yourself and take a dip in one of the pools with healing mineral water! This will free you from the stress and tension of the hectic everyday life. It has been repeatedly proven that warm mineral water helps a person to relax, to have a full rest - physically and mentally, which is of great importance in today's tense and so high-speed and fast-paced world!

Stop for a moment and relax in the unique spa area of the Grand Hotel Therme!

Come here and relax!

Take care of your health!

Hot springs with healing water gush here

and the mountains around call to you.

Hear their call

put on shoes

Pack your suitcases

and put them on the car.

In the direction of Grand Hotel Therme take

and don't think about anything!

Leave your worries far away

and take a dip in the warm pool.

Outdoor Adults only pool

The mineral water temperature of the outdoor Adults only pool is 38 degrees Celsius.

Grand Hotel Therme: Vitality pool външен басейн

This area is visited by persons aged 16+ and is suitable for everyone who would like to relax for a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of children.

Grand Hotel Therme: Vitality pool външен басейн

Choose a comfortable armchair around the pool, sit comfortably under the shade of the umbrella, enjoy a quiet and healthy afternoon.

Grand Hotel Therme: Vitality pool външен басейн

Leave your worries behind

serious thoughts

and relax.

Banish worries away!

Displeasures, troubles and pains leave behind

and take a dip in the Grand Hotel Therme spa area!

Let the perfectly decorated greenery envelop your every fiber!

Let your body experience unparalleled pleasure!

A total relax!

Sun, silence, forest and mountain, healing mineral water and you.

Indoor Vitality pool

The temperature of the mineral water of the indoor Vitality pool is 38 degrees Celsius.

Grand Hotel Therme: Vitality pool вътрешен басейн

The pool has two zones with different depths.

Healing mineral water pours out from six water fountains with a huge and strong stream.

Grand Hotel Therme: Vitality pool вътрешен басейн

On the periphery and in both corners with the water jets are shaped jacuzzi areas, which, believe me, will make you feel incomparably pleasant, truly comfortable; they will relax you pleasantly, massaging your muscles and toning your body.

Grand Hotel Therme: Vitality pool вътрешен басейн

Twenty sunbeds are located around the Vitality pool indoor pool, on which you can relax your body.

Outside there are two more pools with plenty of sun loungers in case you like the sun to caress your skin to make it darker and more chocolatey.

The two outdoor Vitality pool mineral pools have a water temperature of 38 degrees Celsius.


Between the healing baths in the three pools, I did not fail to visit the two laconiums, where I could sip a glass of ice-cold fresh red oranges, seek solitude or simply rest.

Herbal sauna

I reach out, open the door of the herbal sauna, and from inside I am hit by the heated air, mixed with the aromatic fragrance of herbs.

Impressive, invigorating, toning and so relaxing is here!

Grand Hotel Therme: Билкова сауна
Herbal sauna

Characteristics and effect of the herbal sauna on the human body:

  • Temperature: 85 degrees Celsius

  • Humidity: maintained between 15% and 20%

  • It has an extremely relaxing effect on the body

  • Increases the body's defense against respiratory infections

  • Significantly stimulates the detoxification of the body

  • Improves the overall condition of the skin

  • Reduces cellulite

  • Soothes, invigorates, tones and rejuvenates

Finnish sauna

I enter the Finnish sauna and climb to the third highest row so that I breathe in the hottest air possible. I freeze without moving.

Minutes pass...

I feel even more energetic, cheerful, toned and full of energy.

But how is this possible?! Is it magic?!

Grand Hotel Therme: Финландска сауна
Finnish sauna

Characteristics and effect of the Finnish sauna on the human body:

  • Temperature: 90 degrees Celsius

  • Humidity: maintained between 3% and 15%

  • It has an extremely relaxing effect on the body

  • They burn 250 to 400 calories per minute

  • Sauna effect of detoxification of the body

  • Soothes and relaxes the muscles in the body

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Increases immunity

  • Soothes, invigorates, tones and rejuvenates

Aroma sauna

The time spent in the aroma sauna of the Grand Hotel Therme completely transformed me!

The fragrant aromas fill every cell of my body and lift my tone to a state of ecstasy.

I feel so young, fresh and full of energy!

Grand Hotel Therme: Арома сауна
Aroma sauna

Between these amazing spa experiences, I do not miss visiting the Cake & Art patisserie of the Grand Hotel Therme to support myself with something sweet and decorated very, very beautifully; to eat a scoop of chocolate ice cream and infuse my body with a wonderful juice or soft drink.

Aroma steam bath

As soon as I opened the door, the fresh eucalyptus air penetrated deep into my lungs, unclogged my sinuses and filled my head with euphoria!

Grand Hotel Therme: Арома парна баня
Aroma steam bath

Characteristics and effect of the aroma steam bath on the human body:

  • Temperature: 42 degrees Celsius

  • Humidity: maintained at 100%

  • It has an extremely relaxing effect on the body

  • They burn 200 to 400 calories in 30 minutes

  • It has a restorative effect on the body

  • Increases the flow of oxygen to the cells

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Soothes, invigorates, tones and rejuvenates

Steam bath with shock pool

I step into my favorite steam room with a shock pool and stretch my body on the ceramic tiles.

I inhale deeply, hold and exhale.

I close my eyes.

Total relaxation! Incredible relaxation!

Delight, charm, peace, quiet...

I open my eyes.

I look at the condensed vapors on the ceiling, turned into small drops. One drop slides to another, and then to a third... Its volume and weight can no longer withstand the force of gravity, and it plunges headlong down to the ground.

I get up and very slowly make my way to the shock pool.

With every step I feel the incredible heat in the room, but I'm already at the cold pool.

I slowly sink into the cool water, which gradually envelops my entire body.

An extremely pleasant experience!

Top SPA feeling of freshness, tone, health and incomparable euphoria!

Every thought in my head is already organized and in its place.

Grand Hotel Therme: Парна баня с шоков басейн
Steam bath with shock pool

Characteristics and effect of the steam bath with a shock pool on the human body:

  • Temperature: 45 degrees Celsius

  • Water temperature of the shock pool: from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius

  • It has an extremely relaxing effect on the body

  • Improves tone

  • Improves blood circulation

  • It brings incomparable relief after a hard workout or a tough week

  • Strengthens immunity

  • The contrast between the temperatures rejuvenates the skin and makes it supple and soft

  • Reduces cellulite

  • Soothes, invigorates, tones and rejuvenates

I feel like a different person! Somehow younger, more energetic, more alive and so healthy!

Treat yourself to this amazing experience in the top spa area of the Grand Hotel Therme!

Experience the peace, feel the health, touch the beauty!

Hungry and thirsty, I head to the Main restaurant Therme restaurant.

Main Restaurant Therme

Grand Hotel Therme: Основен ресторант Main Restaurant Therme

Space, luxury and beauty!

Amazing, indescribably pleasant atmosphere!

Rhythmic music, plenty of light, charm and coziness!

Countless culinary masterpieces, built and arranged like a procession await you here!

I'm over the moon again, forgot about hunger!

I stand and once again cannot look at this great art - to prepare and serve food in such an unusual, incomparable, artful, sophisticated and charming way.

A perfect culinary fantasy, unsurpassed in beauty, shape and colors!

A place where the culinary frontier is only your own imagination!

Grand Hotel Therme: Основен ресторант Main Restaurant Therme
Panoramic terrace of Main Restaurant Therme with a view of the Rhodopes

And maybe you want to sit outside - among the greenery! No problems!

The panoramic terrace offers a view of the slopes of the Rhodopes, and the noise of the flowing Konevitsa river will only help your digestion.

In front of each dish is a plate with the name of the masterpiece in Bulgarian and English.

  • High-quality meat (pork, beef, poultry, turkey) and delicious meat products

  • Fish, seafood and fish products

  • Sushi

  • Warm / cold milk

  • Delicious ice cream - milky, creamy, with fresh fruit

  • Fresh boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs or poached eggs

  • Honey, honeycomb, different types of delicious sweets and marmalades (wild strawberries, blueberries, figs, oranges)

  • Cooked dishes

  • Grill, grill

  • Alaminuti

  • Cold appetizers

  • Ready-to-eat pasta foods - pasta, pizza, lasagna

  • Sauces

  • Fresh salads

  • Confectionery - pastries, cakes, wafers, cake, pancakes, soft drinks

  • Kitchen desserts - creams, mousses

  • Various sugar and chocolate products

  • A variety of bakery products and pasta snacks

  • Nuts

  • Hot drinks tea, coffee and others

  • Mineral and table waters

  • Soft drinks

  • Beer, wines and spirits

  • And also many, many others...

Emotionally satisfied, culinary satisfied and in a wonderful mood, I looked for the fitness area of the Grand Hotel Therme.

Pulse fitness

As guests of the Grand Hotel Therme, the most modern equipment with free or store weights, dumbbells, benches, benches, etc. is at your disposal.

Grand Hotel Therme: Pulse fitness

All of them are from the latest professional Techno Gym series and provide multiple options for your dynamic and effective strength training.

At your disposal are:

  • Stretching zone

  • Cardio zone

  • Force zone

  • Personal trainer

  • Protein bar

In the strength area, the latest generation of Techno Gym equipment from their most luxurious Element+ series is at your disposal.

The elegant and functional design and the comfortable and ergonomic bio seats contribute to a better effect of training and also reduce the risk of injuries.

The cardio area offers equipment from the professional Techno Gym series – cross trainers, steppers, rowing trainers and bicycle ergometers.

The devices are made especially for Pulse, without an analogue in all of Europe.

The stretching area offers a great opportunity and the best way to improve the elasticity and recovery of the skeletal muscles. Stretching exercises have many positive effects on the body, helping with muscle balance, relaxation, recovery, growth.

The protein bar is more than excellently loaded. Here you can boost yourself with a protein shake after a grueling workout. Weight loss, muscle mass, strength or endurance - here you will find the right nutritional supplements and supplements for you, of course from the most famous and globally established manufacturers.

Grand Hotel Therme: Pulse fitness

You will find more information here:

Tired from training, I rush to catch up with energy at the wonderful All Day Alpine Restaurant.

All Day Alpine Restaurant

Amazing authentic alpine taste, intertwined in an authentic interior and a unique atmosphere.

Grand Hotel Therme: All Day Alpine Restaurant

I sit down, eat from selected culinary masterpieces, listening to soft music, while everything around me heralds another incredible evening.

Later, my evening continues with a drink at the Lounge & Whiskey bar.

Lounge & Whiskey bar

Grand Hotel Therme: Lounge & Whiskey bar

Sitting comfortably in the soft leather armchairs with a drink in hand, talking with friends is somehow more pleasant.

Grand Hotel Therme: Lounge & Whiskey bar

A-la-cart restaurant Rose

You won't stay hungry at the Grand Hotel Therme!

Grand Hotel Therme: A-la-cart ресторант Rose

The chef and his team will offer you flavors to enjoy and the relaxed atmosphere will make you feel at home.

The incredible magic of selected wines will definitely stun you.

Children's kingdom

Grand Hotel Therme provides its youngest guests with a free all-day children's corner with an animator, entertaining games, toys, music and themed parties.

At the Grand Hotel Therme, you can rest assured that your little ones will have fun while you enjoy your vacation.

Every day in the children's corner there is an animator who takes care of your children from 10:00 to 21:00, and all the facilities here meet the highest safety standards.

It's time to leave, but I promise to come back again!

Goodbye, Grand Hotel Therme!

Thanks for the impressive attitude!

Thanks for the rhymes!

Thanks for the smiles!

Thanks for the special (photo) moments!

Thanks for the lovely culinary masterpieces!

Thanks for the luxurious atmosphere!

Thanks for the incomparable spa relaxation!

Thanks for the comfort and silence!

Thanks for everything!

I chose the Grand Hotel Therme!

You will find more information here:

How do you get to the village of Banya, Razlozhko?

Banya is a village in Southwestern Bulgaria. It is located in Razlog municipality, Blagoevgrad district.

It is located in a mountainous area at 801 meters above sea level. in the center of the Razlog valley between three mountains - Pirin, Rila and Rhodopes.

The village is located very close to both the city of Bansko and the city of Razlog - only 5 (five) kilometers to each settlement.

From here passes the Septemvri - Dobrinishte railway line, which was built in the 1930s.

Banya is 52 kilometers away from the regional town (about 53 minutes by car).

The climate in the area is mountainous and allows the retention of the snow cover from December to April, and the alpine character of Pirin Mountain provides excellent conditions for professional and amateur skiing.

The bathroom is located at:

  • 156 kilometers (about 1 hour and 51 minutes by car) from the capital

  • 146 kilometers (about 2 hours and 30 minutes by car) from the city of Plovdiv

  • 512 kilometers (about 6 hours and 23 minutes by car) from the city of Varna

  • 396 kilometers (about 4 hours and 30 minutes by car) from the city of Burgas

How do I get to the Grand Hotel Therme?

The Grand Hotel Therme is located in the eastern part of the village.

Entering the village of Banya from the north on Republic Road II-84*, continue straight until you reach the roundabout marked BANYA.

Село Баня, Разлог

Here take the third exit (leading to the left). Keep going straight until you reach the roundabout at the end of the street. Take a right here. The signposts will make your journey as easy as possible and in a minute you will be in front of the hotel.

*Republicanski path II-84 is a second-class road, part of the Republic road network of Bulgaria, passing through the territory of Pazardzhik and Blagoevgrad districts.

Its length is 104.8 kilometers.

Absolutely the same applies if you are entering Banya from Bansko - continue straight until you reach the same roundabout, then turn right.

The distance from Grand Hotel Therme to Nikola Vaptsarov Square, located in the Old Town of Bansko, is about 7.4 kilometers (about 12 minutes by car).

For all skiers and fans of the mountain - the distance from the Grand Hotel Therme to the parking lot of the "Bansko" cable car is less than 9 kilometers and can be traveled by car in exactly 16 minutes.

Always free parking space

The parking lot of the Grand Hotel Therme is extensive and you will always find a parking space here.

Grand Hotel Therme

Something more!

Do you have a modern ecological electric car?! That's great!

The Grand Hotel Therme's private car park offers you a dedicated parking space complete with its own charging station!

Or maybe you want to take an ATV tour of the surrounding area? No problems!

Well, you are at the Grand Hotel Therme, which invites you to explore the beauty of the Pirin area with an ATV!

And as a finale, my dear friends,

you shouldn't miss a look

the special album with photo moments –

discovered, experienced, captured and shared with you!


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