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Grand Hotel Bansko - a luxury hotel complex at the foot of Pirin

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

When planning my family vacation, I always try to be as uncompromising as possible, unconditionally precise and strict when choosing the perfect place to stay, especially against the background of the extraordinary variety of services in the field of tourism that the market in our country currently offers.

Therefore, preparing my recent trip to Bansko and looking at the immeasurably colorful palette of hotels in the city, one such charming jewel came into my focus, which undoubtedly managed to generate surprisingly happy & sunny emotions in me and keep them alive for a long time.

What I experienced, what I felt, every moment, every sound, every perception, every note of joy, every smile permanently imprinted in me passionate feelings, under the influence of which I am writing these lines now.

My dear friends, it is with immense pleasure that I present Grand Hotel Bansko to you!

Grand Hotel Bansko
Grand Hotel Bansko

Grand Hotel Bansko - a luxury hotel complex at the foot of Pirin

I arrived with my family at the hotel in the early afternoon on the last day of June.

Grand Hotel Bansko

I parked in front of the Grand Hotel Bansko without problems and turned round the huge front door, which introduced me to another more than lovely adventure.

Grand Hotel Bansko

Sunny smiles greeted me from the reception - in fact, the happy smiling faces accompanied me everywhere on the grounds of the Grand Hotel Bansko during my three-day stay here.

My check-in took only a few minutes and here I was, cheerful and lively, though travel-weary, walking up the stairs to our second-floor apartment.

Grand Hotel Bansko is built on three levels above the ground and the movement to and from the rooms becomes extremely fast, easy and impressively comfortable.

Of course, anyone wishing to use the convenience of the elevators can take advantage of them at any time.

Surprisingly quickly and with incomparable ease, I found myself in front of our apartment - 90 square meters of luxurious atmosphere with two bedrooms and a vast, spacious terrace with a view of the unsightly Pirin.

The good-looking Todorka and the prime peak Vihren winked shyly at me because the Sun bathed them in its gold.

Pirin and Mount Vihren
Pirin and Mount Vihren, photographed from the foothills

White clouds of fluff gently touched the ashen teeth, on which white snow still glistened. The bluest azure enveloped the mountain, and this sight deeply touched and remained in my soul.

Mount Todorka
Mount Todorka, photographed from the foothills

After checking in, I took a wonderful walk to the Old Town of Bansko and explored its impressive sights.

Tired - whether from a walk around the Old Town, whether from mountain adventures or skiing pleasures, hungry and thirsty, we return to the Grand Hotel Bansko.

Grand Hotel Bansko: All Day Dining restaurant

An abundance of beautifully decorated and wonderfully delicious food

Here, All Day Dining restaurant comes to our aid in a flash, where countless culinary masterpieces await you, built, decorated, and arranged like a parade of heroes!

Grand Hotel Bansko: All Day Dining restaurant

At first glance, I was blown away! I even forget about hunger!

Grand Hotel Bansko: All Day Dining restaurant

I stand and cannot look at the parade of this great art - to prepare and serve food in such an unusual, incomparable, artful, sophisticated and charming way.

Grand Hotel Bansko: All Day Dining restaurant

An incredible variety of unsurpassed beauty, form and colors perfect culinary fantasy!

Grand Hotel Bansko: All Day Dining restaurant

In the All Day Dining restaurant of the Grand Hotel Bansko, the culinary limit is only your own imagination!

Grand Hotel Bansko: All Day Dining restaurant

Immense magic of wonderful appetizers!

Grand Hotel Bansko: All Day Dining restaurant

A true magic of exceptional main dishes and specialties!

Grand Hotel Bansko: All Day Dining restaurant
Pork Casserole Waterfall

Enchanting joy of perfect desserts!

Grand Hotel Bansko: All Day Dining restaurant

A healthy dose of fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh green salads!

Grand Hotel Bansko: All Day Dining restaurant

Unfathomable beauty of masterful hors d'oeuvres and drinks!

Grand Hotel Bansko: All Day Dining restaurant

Fine notes of soft soothing jazz incomparably complement this undisturbed atmosphere and make me want to try everything!

Masterful taste - no doubt!

The chefs of the Grand Hotel Bansko, dressed in their white uniforms and wearing black gloves, standing proudly next to their creations, are true virtuosos in preparing and decorating food!

Grand Hotel Bansko: All Day Dining restaurant

This perfect culinary symphony in the All Day Dining restaurant of Grand Hotel Bansko filled me with incomparable feelings at breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of my extraordinary stay here!

In front of each dish is a plate with the name of the masterpiece in Bulgarian and English.

I also see a list of allergen content.

  • High-quality meat (pork, beef, poultry, turkey) and delicious meat products

  • Fish, seafood and fish products

  • Sushi

  • Warm / cold milk

  • Delicious ice cream - milky, creamy, with fresh fruit

  • Fresh boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs or poached eggs

  • Honey, honeycomb, several types of delicious sweets and marmalades (wild strawberries, blueberries, figs, oranges)

  • Cooked dishes

  • Grill, grill

  • Cold appetizers

  • Ready-to-eat pasta foods - pasta, pizza, lasagna

  • Sauces

  • Fresh salads

  • Confectionery - pastries, cakes, wafers, cake, pancakes, soft drinks

  • Kitchen desserts - creams, mousses

  • Various sugar and chocolate products

  • A variety of bakery products and pasta snacks

  • Nuts

  • Hot drinks tea, coffee and others

  • Mineral and table waters

  • Soft drinks

  • Beer, wines and spirits

Emotionally satisfied, culinary satisfied and in a wonderful mood, I looked for the SPA area of Grand Hotel Bansko.

The largest spa center in Bansko – a parallel universe for peace and relaxation

I take the stairs down.

With each step, the temperature of the air quite perceptibly and palpably rises, and the aroma of hot mineral water fills every nook and cranny of my body, anticipating the impending relief.

It is dusk. A soft golden light dimly diffuses the darkness.

Grand Hotel Bansko: the largest spa center in Bansko

My ears pick up the crystalline sounds of splashing water turning into bubbles.

Grand Hotel Bansko: the largest spa center in Bansko

My eyes meet the changing glare of sparkling neon lights.

Grand Hotel Bansko: the largest spa center in Bansko

I feel like the water is boiling and bubbling.

Red, violet, blue and green lights flashed on the ceramics all around.

Grand Hotel Bansko: the largest spa center in Bansko

I enter another reality - a world of unimaginable harmony and complete relaxation!

Grand Hotel Bansko: the largest spa center in Bansko

If I were a poet, I would not have found the right words to describe the feelings that overwhelmed me after the time spent in the aquatonic pool of the Grand Hotel Bansko.

Grand Hotel Bansko: the largest spa center in Bansko

This ultra-modern pool is divided into three temperature zones and is equipped with 72 multiple powerful single- and double-routing jets.

Grand Hotel Bansko: the largest spa center in Bansko

In the middle of the aquatonic pool, an extraordinary island of tranquility has been built - a 6-seater jacuzzi where you can relax to perfection, because the underwater massaging nozzles create a real bubble symphony!

For all those wishing to enjoy hot mineral water under the blue sky, Grand Hotel Bansko also offers an outdoor mineral pool with a view of Pirin.

Deckchair, umbrella, refreshing drink from the pool bar by the pool, cool mountain air, hot mineral water and incredible and complete relaxation - a real Pirin pleasure for everyone!

But that's far from all! Oh no…

Various saunas and steam facilities

I choose another room for relaxation – I open the doors of the Finnish panoramic sauna and in an instant I feel like a character from the "Frozen".

A wild charm of eucalyptus, beech and volcanic stones – this is part of the magic of the Finnish sauna. An amazing choice for a body detox to warm up your entire body and flush out harmful toxins.

Grand Hotel Bansko: Finnish sauna

Next is a Himalayan salt sauna – I relax in the warm embrace of one of the healthiest saunas.

I'm getting comfortable.

I inhale deeply and exhale – the air is hot and filled with useful negative ions that balance the natural bioenergies in my body and recharge me with positive energy, raising its tone to the absolute maximum.

Salt sauna therapy helps with good blood circulation and the elimination of toxins from the body.

Aroma sauna follows – I let the aromas release beautiful emotions and warm memories.

In the Aroma sauna, various essential oils are used, which after gradual heating release the useful substances in themselves.

Grand Hotel Bansko: Aroma sauna

Herbal sauna, steam and aroma bath, hammam, laconium, massage studios with international therapists!

The SPA miracles of Grand Hotel Bansko are endless!

Deeply and truly relieved, even changed, in incredible inner peace, with a smile on my face I go up to our apartment, where the huge and soft king-sized bedroom awaits me, where I sweetly, sweetly sink into a sound sleep until morning.

That night I dreamed that I was going down headlong in a crazy slalom on the slopes of Todorka, but my skis were not gliding on white snow, but on fresh green spring grass! And everything around was green, and hundreds of thousands of blooming flowers broke off after me and flowed around, sprinkling fragrance and color, and colors, and beauty, accompanied my slalom...

Pulse fitness

As guests of the Grand Hotel Bansko, you have at your disposal the most modern equipment with free or shop weights, dumbbells, benches, benches, etc.

All of them are from the latest professional Techno Gym series and provide multiple options for your dynamic and effective strength training.

At your disposal are:

  • Stretching zone

  • Cardio zone

  • Force zone

  • Personal trainer

  • Protein bar

Grand Hotel Bansko: Pulse fitness

In the strength area, the latest generation of Techo Gym equipment from their most luxurious Element+ series is at your disposal.

Grand Hotel Bansko: Pulse fitness

The elegant and functional design and the comfortable and ergonomic bio seats contribute to a better effect of training and also reduce the risk of injuries.

Grand Hotel Bansko: Pulse fitness

The cardio area offers equipment from the professional Techno Gym series – cross trainers, steppers, rowing trainers and bicycle ergometers.

The devices are made especially for Pulse, without an analogue in all of Europe.

Grand Hotel Bansko: Pulse fitness

The stretching area offers a great opportunity and the best way to improve the elasticity and recovery of the skeletal muscles. Stretching exercises have many positive effects on the body, helping with muscle balance, relaxation, recovery, growth.

The protein bar at Pulse Bansko is more than excellently stocked. Here you can boost yourself with a protein shake after a grueling workout. Weight loss, muscle mass, strength or endurance - here you will find the right nutritional supplements and supplements for you, of course from the most famous and globally established manufacturers.

You will find more information here:

Lobby bar

The atmosphere in the Lobby Bar of Grand Hotel Bansko is casual and relaxed.

Grand Hotel Bansko: Lobby bar

Here you can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee while just chatting with friends.

Grand Hotel Bansko: Lobby bar

Definitely an aperitif before dinner is more pleasant with nice relaxing music.

Grand Hotel Bansko: Lobby bar

The black grand piano, the soft light of lit candles and the oh-so-comfortable armchairs will make your stay in the Lobby Bar incomparably charming.

A completely renovated, wonderful, fabulous children's corner - the largest in area in Bansko

If your mischievous troublemaker is with you, then here - in the completely renovated children's center of the Grand Hotel Bansko, the cute little guy can indulge himself to the max!

Attention little ones!

Grand Hotel Bansko: completely renovated children's corner - the largest in area in Bansko

Here you will find plenty of room for crazy games and crazy races in a completely safe and secure environment!

Grand Hotel Bansko: completely renovated children's corner - the largest in area in Bansko

Highly qualified animators take care of their good mood and safety.

Gaming club – for your child or for the child in you

Grand Hotel Bansko is truly a kingdom of games and entertainment!

Grand Hotel Bansko: gaming club

In the dedicated electronic games room, you will find dozens of ways to unwind. This is the place where you can release the child in you and give him the opportunity to have fun in freedom! Gaming club is a great opportunity to create more fun-filled gaming moments with your teens.

Among the games you'll find here are:

  • Electronic games

  • Jaggi

  • Electronic pear

  • Darts

  • Pinball machines

  • Do not get angry man

  • Simulators

  • Air Hockey

Grand Hotel Bansko

It's time to leave, but I promise to come back again!

Goodbye, Grand Hotel Bansko!

Thanks for the wonderful attitude!

Thanks for the smiles!

Thanks for the unsurpassed culinary masterpieces!

Thanks for the unique atmosphere!

Thanks for the incomparable relaxation!

Thanks for the peace and quiet!

Thanks for everything!

I chose Grand Hotel Bansko!

You will find more information here:

How to get to the city of Bansko?

Bansko is a city in Southwestern Bulgaria, the administrative center of Bansko municipality, Blagoevgrad district.

Bansko is located at the foot of the Northern Pirin at 927 meters above sea level. It is 56 kilometers from the regional town (about 56 minutes by car).

The Glazne River flows through Bansko.

The climate in the area is mountainous and allows the retention of the snow cover from December to April, and the alpine character of Pirin Mountain provides excellent conditions for professional and amateur skiing.

Bansko is a stop on the Septemvri - Dobrinishte narrow gauge railway route.

Bansko stands at:

  • 156 kilometers (about 1 hour and 51 minutes by car) from the capital

  • 146 kilometers (about 2 hours and 30 minutes by car) from the city of Plovdiv

  • 512 kilometers (about 6 hours and 23 minutes by car) from the city of Varna

  • 396 kilometers (about 4 hours and 30 minutes by car) from the city of Burgas

How do you get to Grand Hotel Bansko?

Grand Hotel Bansko is located at the intersection of "Patriarch Evtimii" and "Glazne" streets.

Right next to the hotel is the bus station and the train station of the city of Bansko, which is perfect for any guest of this wonderful Pirin region who chooses to travel by bus or train.

What's more, the distance from Grand Hotel Bansko to Nikola Vaptsarov Square, located in the Old Town, is about 700 meters. I.e. if you want to take a leisurely walk and see the sights of Bansko, just take "Todor Aleksandrov" street, starting from the underpass to the bus station.

In less than ten minutes of leisurely walking, you will be in the center of the Old Town.

For all skiers and fans of the mountain - the distance from the Grand Hotel Bansko to the parking lot of the Bansko cable car is two kilometers and it takes exactly 4 minutes by car - all the way and along the Glazne river - it is certainly easy and you will not make a mistake in the direction.

Always free parking space

The parking lot of Grand Hotel Bansko is extensive and you will always find a parking space here.

Grand Hotel Bansko

Something more!

Do you have a modern ecological electric car?! That's great!

Grand Hotel Bansko: charging station for electric cars
Grand Hotel Bansko: charging station for electric cars

The Grand Hotel Bansko's own parking lot offers you two special green parking spaces complete with its own charging station!

And maybe you want to take a bicycle tour of Bansko? No problems!

Grand Hotel Bansko: bicycle tour
Grand Hotel Bansko: bicycle tour

Well, you are at the Grand Hotel Bansko, which invites you to discover the secrets of the Pirin area by bike!

And as a finale, my dear friends,

you shouldn't miss a look

the special album with photo moments –

discovered, experienced, captured and shared with you!

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