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Goritsa falls

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

I had heard of Goritsa falls before. I had also seen photos of the waterfall. What I didn't know was how amazing and immensely beautiful it was in real - falling with a roar from the northern slopes of Rila, among tall, centuries-old, green trees.

Amazing and unimaginably delightful!

It is 39 meters high and can be reached very very easily.

How to get to the beginning of the eco trail?

You go to the village of Ovchartsi - such a nice village with great good, responsive and so wonderful people.

The village of Ovchartsi is located between Sapareva Banya and Dupnitsa.

In the center of Ovchartsi, right next to the emblematic wooden sculptures, you turn if you come from Sapareva Banya - on the left, from Dupnitsa - on the right. There is also a sign that will show you the right way, although this charming square is very difficult to miss.

Continue along Vodopada Street, notice just how ingenious, and drive to the mountains until you reach a picturesque valiavitsa (driven by the power of water place for washing carpets), where you park. From there, a well-maintained trail leads to the waterfall.

There is a legend about the origin of the name of the waterfall and it is connected with the young virgin Goritsa and her lover Yovitsa. Goritsa was the most beautiful girl in the village, and because the bey wanted her for a wife, he sent people to kidnap her. Goritsa set out to seek refuge in the mountains, but the Turks managed to catch up. In order not to fall into their captivity, she jumped from the high rock.

Since then, the waterfall has been named after the brave, beautiful and rebellious Goritsa.

As you will see from the photos and videos accompanying this journey travel blog, the whole area is extremely picturesque, amazingly beautiful, and the waterfall itself is simply charming, captivating and incredibly full of water.

Goritsa falls is the most charming and magnetic waterfall I have visited!

Here is my short film about my visit here, which you certainly should not miss to see!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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