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The village of Ovchartsi

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful, Ovchartsi!

My dear friends, you will not believe what a surprise I have prepared for you in this travel blog journey!

Unseen beauty, sculpted by the most industrious Bulgarian hands!

But let me try to explain everything step by step!

There is a fairytale village, proudly bearing its name - Ovchartsi!

It is tucked away among the amazingly beautiful northern slopes of Rila Mountain, on the road Dupnitsa - Sapareva Banya. From here is the path to the insanely beautiful Goritsa waterfall.

Above the village is its symbol - Golemio kamik.

It is surrounded by two rivers - Goritsa, springing from the Kabul peak within the Rila National Park, and the Fudinya River.

Entering the village, by the roadside and at the fork with Vodopada Street is the town hall and in front of it you will find wonderful miracles!

The most masterful Bulgarian hands have sculpted, arranged and colored this magnificent wonder, which I present to you today.

Extremely beautiful, as if living sculptures made of wood ...

Teddy bears, eagle, capercaillie, owl, swan, flower ...

Beautiful and exquisite benches ...

Flower beds that make you smile with shining suns ...

Colors everywhere ...

Smiling, kind, real and living people ... Real Bulgarians!

This is a real living tale!

Beauty! A lot of beauty!

The name of the village is written in large colored letters on the facade of the town hall! Real magic!

Definitely you should visit it too!

Let's congratulate all together the wonderful people of the village of Ovchartsi and all the culprits for this crazy, beautiful, colorful, fabulous spectacle of colors and shapes!

Well done, real people! Bravo to you!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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