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Under the splashes of the waterfall eco-trail

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

If I had not come to Teteven, I would have remained a foreigner of Mother Bulgaria.

Your end is full of so many charms that I am amazed!

I've been to Switzerland and other places in Europe, I've traveled to Bulgaria, but I've never seen a more magical area!

Ivan Vazov

Under the splashes of the waterfall eco-trail
Skoka and Praskaloto in one unique photography

My dear friends, let's go on another spectacular journey!

I have prepared a walk for you on such a beautiful and charming eco-trail located near the town of Teteven.

How to get here?

In fact, it can be said that the beginning of the trail to the charming waterfalls, located on the river Koznitsa, starts from the center of the town of Teteven.

The bridge over the river Vit, where the adventure starts, is located between the buildings of the district court and the municipal administration.

There is also a sign with the name "Skoka waterfall" and indicating the correct direction.

You will soon be walking along Koznitsa Street, which will take you in the right direction, through the uniquely beautiful northern slopes of the Central Balkan (Centralna Stara Planina).

Of course, the walk is more pleasant on foot, but if you still want to reach faster, you can cover the distance (about 2 km) and with your car - the road is great and will take you to a kind of small parking lot to park.

Under the splashes of the waterfall eco-trail
The start point

A huge sign will meet you here, and very soon you will cross the first wooden bridges, taking the trail in the middle of the magnificent canyon of Koznitsa river.

Under the splashes of the waterfall eco-trail

The views from all sides are simply stunning!

The Balkan is magnificent!

The first larger of the three waterfalls on the Koznitsa river is uniquely beautiful, majestic and incredibly full of water.

Under the splashes of the waterfall eco-trail

One of the wooden bridges was built over it.

I go forward!

The perfect storm had broken out here the night before, knocking down trees in the middle of the trail, and two of the fallen trees had completely broken one of the crossing bridge.

In short - a real adventure!

After real vicissitudes, I still managed to reach the cherished goal.

The view here was well worth the effort!

Under the splashes of the waterfall eco-trail

Skoka waterfall was wild, full of water, very roaring and amazingly beautiful, as you will see for yourself!

And the icing on the cake was Praskaloto falls.

Under the splashes of the waterfall eco-trail

Praskaloto is the second waterfall, to the right of Skoka, falling from an incredible 62 meters in the middle of a cliff carved into the rocks.

Just amazing! Incredible beauty!

I wish you a great mood with this virtual walk to the Skoka & Praskaloto waterfalls of the Koznitsa river near Teteven!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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