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Church of the Holy Assumption of the Virgin near Vasilikò

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

My dear friends, with incomparable pleasure and unceasing trepidation today I will present you an extremely beautiful temple, built in an extremely beautiful and unique place. This is the magnificent Orthodox Church of the Assumption near Vasiliko in Tsarevo.

Touched by the first rays of the new day

Every time I come here and set foot on the peninsula, I am overwhelmed by an indescribable and incredible feeling, a thrill of the sun, an incredible emotion caused by the beauty of this place.

I met the sunrises here!

Every early morning something attractive drew me to this place - to come here, walking through the narrow cobbled streets, past the old houses, to meet the sunrise and just stand by the rocks of Castro.

The history of the church dates back to around the ninth century, when the Holy Trinity Monastery was built here.

Three centuries later, in the twelfth century, the monastery was burned, looted and destroyed.

Even today, walking around the peninsula, you will see the foundations of ancient fortress walls and buildings hidden among old fig trees, barely withstanding the relentless waves of time.

Centuries passed again and in 1810 Holy Assumption church was rebuilt, as noted on a wooden plaque on the wall of the church.

The church is built of stone and is a three-nave pseudo-basilica with one apse.

Another disaster did not pass this church and in a huge fire in 1882, which burned and destroyed the entire city, which arose in the meantime here on the site of today's Vasiliko neighborhood, the church "Holy Assumption" is again in ruins.

After the fire, the city was rebuilt, but on the other side of the bay - on the northern peninsula of Limnos, where it is today, and the current appearance of the temple took in 1895.

I will reveal an interesting fact to you now. Stand in front of the main gate of the temple and look right in the middle just above the door. If you look at the plaque, located centrally above the main gate of the temple, at its lower end you will see a special symbol, which is often confused with "pirate".

No! This is not a pirate symbol!

This symbol is often found in the image of the cross on which Christ was crucified.

The symbol depicts the victory of Christ crucified over death.

There is another ecclesiastical interpretation, namely that these are the bones of the forefather Adam, and this symbol reminds us that the original sin of Adam and Eve was redeemed.

Coming here, you will enjoy extremely phenomenal views of the city, the sea and Vasiliko neighborhood.

There are benches around the temple where you can rest and relax.

Several large iron crosses are located at the end of the sides outlining the site.

Flower beds with playful irises and sea roses adorn the landscape.

Green grass soothes the eye.

Ripe, large fruits hang on the centuries-old fig trees around.

How to get to Holy Assumption church in Vasilikò?

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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