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Bozhentsite in Roden glas magazine

My dear friends, come with me on a journey beyond time - to another world - in Bozhentsite!

Bozhentsite village, Gabrovo area, Bulgaria

My dear travelers, it is an incomparable thrill for me to present to you another publication of mine, printed and published in media abroad - this is the green and sunny walk through the village of Bozhentsite, which was translated into Czech and published together with my photographs in the Roden glas magazine.

Bozhentsite publication of Stefan from "Photo moments" ( in Roden glas magazine

The magazine "Roden Glas" is the printed organ of the largest and oldest association of Bulgarians in the Czech Republic - the Association of Bulgarian Associations, the legal successor of the Bulgarian Cultural and Educational Organization. Since the Association covers regional clubs on the territory of all larger Czech cities, "Roden glas" is distributed and read everywhere where Bulgarians live.

Roden glas magazine

The history of the media goes through periods of growth, lull or indifference, but it manages to survive, thanks to the selfless efforts of generations of Bulgarians, who embed in its pages their efforts, talent and love for Bulgaria!

Bozhentsite publication of Stefan from "Photo moments" ( in Roden glas magazine

The magazine is among the oldest media published by Bulgarians in Europe, outside the territory of Bulgaria. The original idea for the creation of this body of Bulgarian organizations in Czechoslovakia was to maintain the connection of our compatriots with Bulgaria and between cultural and educational clubs in individual cities. The beginning of Roden Glas was established by our compatriots in Bratislava, and the first issue was printed in June 1971, and in those first years it was published as a newspaper. In 1984, its publication was moved to Prague, then its format also changed – it was published in the form of a magazine, which continues to bear its name.

Bozhentsite publication of Stefan from "Photo moments" ( in Roden glas magazine

"Roden glas" is a bimonthly publication with a circulation of 600 issues, gradually expanding its thematic scope, reflecting the life of Bulgarians not only within the Association, but also everything more interesting than the initiatives of other Bulgarian associations in the territory of the Czech capital, which turns it into a friendly bridge between our compatriots in the Czech Republic. The magazine cooperates successfully with famous Bulgarian artists, with Czech organizations and institutions, offers up-to-date and useful information from all walks of life - that's why it wins more and more readers, friends and like-minded people. This popularity is due to both the thematic diversity and the original graphic layout. Not without importance is the quality of the materials offered, as well as the high level of the Bulgarian literary language in which they are written.

I express my most heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Kamelia Ilieva - editor-in-chief of the magazine "Roden glas", in whose person I found such a sunny and positive person and a true Bulgarian!

Link to my post about Bozhentsite village on my Photo Moments site.

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