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Siniat vir falls

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Dear friends, I invite you to share with me this more than a charming and fresh walk under the old walnut trees in the heart of the Kotlen Balkans.

Beautiful, amazing and so charming! This is the Siniat vir (Blue Pool) waterfall near the village of Medven.

Come on, shall we go?!

Siniat vir falls

If you have decided to see the beautiful Zheravna and its not enough for you, and you are looking for something beautiful nearby, do not hesitate for a moment! Head it to Medven, the birthplace of Zahari Stoyanov.

There, nestled near the village, you will find this beautiful and springfull waterfall!

How do you get here?

You take the road to Kotel, it is very good landmark.

Medven is a sheltered village in the heart of the Kotel Balkans. You can take one of several detours to the village - each of the roads is in very good condition.

The village of Medven, Sliven area, Bulgaria

It's the beginning of autumn! Everything around is wonderfully colorful!

Although the road to the village was so short, I stopped constantly to enjoy the autumn, dizzying beauties around and to take some pictures.

Bulgaria is great! Its miracles are endless!

Entering the village, you will pass successively through two wider bends of the road, be sure to turn off, because there is a uniquely beautiful view of the village and the Kotlen Balkans!

The village of Medven, Sliven area, Bulgaria
Amazing panoramic views of the Kotlen Balkans!

Once you enter Medven, take the left turn. There are signs for the eco-village "Blue pool".

So, this is today's destination.

The road to get there is really short and in poor condition. There were many large holes on it.

But it is short and very soon you are on the meadows near the eco-village.

You leave your car in the middle of the meadow and take the forest path, which is about a kilometer long.

The incredibly easy and charming trail has zero difficulty, ie it is completely suitable for everyone. The trail runs entirely under the shade of (mostly) old walnut trees.

Along the Siniat vir falls trail

It is very nice!

You will continue to move along the river Medvenska. I use the word "river" because it is the end of a very hot and dry summer and the river has dried up.

The trail is not hard at all! It is incredibly light and pleasant!

Here it is - the Siniat vir waterfall! Beautiful, proud and full of water at the end of summer!

Siniat vir falls


Roaring and noisy, it pours water in the middle of a perfect pond, surrounded on all sides by strange and bizarre rocks.

Siniat vir falls
Siniat vir waterfall - such a magnificent little jewel!

It definitely surprised me with its beauty! It's just fascinating here!

You can sit back and just enjoy.

The water is roaring, the wind is playing around, it's cool, even though it's noon and the sun is high! Speachless!

I wish you a charming walk!

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