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Belitsa - The Cave eco-trail

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

My dear friends, it's time to an adventure!

Now we will go together to the cave near the village of Belitsa, which is located in the middle of heavily rugged and phenomenally beautiful Prespa part of the Western Rhodope.

The eco-trail is very easy, very pleasant to walk, with a very small displacement and it can be passed very quickly, which makes it extremely attractive for young families with small children.

Creative art composition "The Hands"

How to get here?

You can take the main road Asenovgrad - Smolyan, turning left at the turn for Laki. You will pass through the incredibly picturesque village of Yugovo. At the Laki junction, turn left for the village of Belitsa.

After crossing the two rock bridges, you will see the first houses of Belitsa. I recommend leaving your car right there, literally before the first houses, because the beginning of the eco-trail is also there - right on the bridge and all along the river.

Passing the first house of the village you will see a sign located on the right. From there begins the Belitsa - The Cave eco-trail.

First you will cross a bridge over the Belichenska River. And here you should be careful - the trail winds along the river. Up to the rest sheds leads another trail, from where you will enjoy the exceptional views of the village.

So again I emphasize - we continue along the river.

You will soon see a new sign sign "The Cave". You are on the right track.

Belichenska River is beautiful, roaring and clear. I loved it!

There are wonderful places for fun for the kids - you will pass through the houses of Tarzan, Winnie the Pooh, Grandma's Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma Yaga, Snow White and the Dwarves.

It's interesting and fun!

You will cross a small wooden bridge.

There are about 200 meters to the cave.

In front of you will find steps carved into the rock itself, which you take up.

And there is the very entrance to the cave.

Although 30 degrees outside, we were startled and surprised a terrible cold. It is good to have a outerwear because the difference is tangibly large in warm weather.

The cave is not big, but it is quite interesting. In it you will find many interesting cave paintings.

I searched the net and found nothing about the cave near Belitsa and its cave paintings. So I really have no idea if they are authentic or made with a sense of humor by a group of wonderful enthusiasts.

The most impressive for me is "The Hands" - that's what I named it.

No, this is not the world-famous "Cave of the Hands" ("Cueva de las Manos") from Patagonia, whose photos you have probably seen, covered with handprints, probably of prehistoric hunters, dating from about 10 to 13 thousand years. Most of the drawings are on the left hand, which suggests that the "artists" have left their own mark.

In our Bulgarian analogue the prints are also on the left hand.

"The Hands" is quite impressive!

Of course in the cave you will find many more drawings - purple praying (hands up) people, strange symbols, a bull's head, a horse, (something like maybe) a deer, (maybe) a fox (or a dog), a hunting scene of a mammoth, a tent-home, a ritual dance, in general very interesting images for people with great imagination and for the kids you know.

At the entrance of the cave there is a shed with benches where you can rest before the way back.

Have a charming walk around!

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