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Belitsa panoramic sites

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

My dear friends, I invite you to enjoy the phenomenal views of the village of Belitsa and the surrounding area!

Here we are again in the village of Belitsa, which is located in the middle of heavily rugged and phenomenally beautiful Prespa part of the Western Rhodope, and in this travel blog journey I offer you to admire several exceptional views from above in the direction of the village and its surroundings.

How to get to the village of Belitsa, Laki municipality?

Take the main road Asenovgrad - Smolyan, turning left at the turn for Laki. You will pass through the picturesque village of Yugovo with houses perched on the slopes of the mountain. At the Laki junction, turn left for Belitsa.

After crossing the two rock bridges, you will see the first houses of Belitsa. I recommend leaving your car right there, literally by the road before entering the village, because the beginning of today's adventure is also there - right on the bridge and before the fork for the "Cave".

Passing the first house of the village, you will see a sign located on the right. From there begins the eco-trail "Belitsa - The Cave", which we will take today.

First you will cross a bridge over the Belichenska River. Take the slightly steep path up to the rest sheds. If you continue along the river, you will visit the cave with cave paintings.

The surrounding slopes are full of blue forget-me-nots and playful primroses.

On the trail up we will first stop to rest, in the first shelter - a great gazebo with a wide table and benches for relaxation. From here you continue up in the direction of a second place to relax - another wonderful gazebo with table and benches, and then two unique sunbeds, located opposite an incredibly stunning view of the village and the Prespa part of the Western Rhodope.

Here you stop, leave your backpacks, lie on the deck chair and forget about the world, the universe and everything else.

Indescribable bliss!

I wish you a pleasant walk and many positive emotions!

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