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Bachkovo falls

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

For those of you who did not have the pleasure of visiting the Bachkovo monastery, crossing the path leading to the amazingly beautiful waterfalls of the Kluviyskata river and there to forget about their busy daily routine and the crazy world, I will tell and show a part of their wonderful charmness.

Bachkovo monastery is the second largest (after Rilski monastery) in Bulgaria. Everyone knows it and probably almost everyone has visited it at least once.

And have you visited the strange waterfalls nearby? Yes! No?

Well, then for those who haven't done it yet, let's go on an adventure!

The rest, if you still want to remember them in the most beautiful and full of water and enchanting form of the year - c'mon with me.

How to get here?

The Bachkovo monastery itself is an excellent landmark.

Right in front of its main entrance you will find a large gate leading to a wide path, just above the main road to the monastery.

There are also stairs built after the second fountain on the way to the monastery. If you wish, you can climb directly on them and you will find yourself on the path to the waterfalls.

You go to it, passing a big fountain.

You continue on the easy and wide path, which makes the walk just excellent.

After about ten to twenty minutes of lite walking you will hear the sound of waterfalls, which is a sign that you are approaching.

There are several trails that will provide different views, some to the smaller waterfalls, some to the larger. I suggest you look at all of them.

Admire them well, you will not regret it. It is incredibly calm, very beautiful, green and wonderfully delightful.

The highest waterfall has a water drop of about fifteen meters. There are several smaller branches. The water gushes and splashes from everywhere, and you can get very close so that you can feel the life-giving splashes on yourself.

The surrounding area is a reserve. It's called the Red Wall.

You will find another large and impressive waterfall at the very beginning next to the parking lot in front of the road to the monastery and in the yard of a restaurant. You can admire it too - it is charming!

And now I will leave you under the influence of the charm of Bachkovo waterfalls!

Have a charming walk!

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