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Agatopolis publication in Roden glas magazine

"Quo vadis, Ahtopol?" - "How long will you travel back in the millennia, Ahtopol?" - exclaimed the world-famous Bulgarian archaeologist Prof. Velizar Velkov after the incredible discoveries of an underwater sea expedition in 1983 near Ahtopol.

The ruins of ancient Agatopolis in Ahtopol

Dear friends of "Photo Moments", it is an extraordinary event for me to present to you another publication of mine, printed and published in media abroad - this is the adventure Agatopolis, which was translated into Czech and published together with my photographs in the magazine "Roden voice".

The magazine "Roden Glas" is the printed organ of the largest and oldest association of Bulgarians in the Czech Republic - the Association of Bulgarian Associations, the legal successor of the Bulgarian Cultural and Educational Organization.

Roden glas magazine

The history of the media goes through periods of growth, lull or indifference, but it manages to survive, thanks to the selfless efforts of generations of Bulgarians, who embed in its pages their efforts, talent and love for Bulgaria!

Roden glas magazine

The magazine is among the oldest media published by Bulgarians in Europe, outside the territory of Bulgaria.

Roden glas magazine

"Roden glas" is a bimonthly publication with a circulation of 600 issues, gradually expanding its thematic scope, reflecting the life of Bulgarians not only within the Association, but also everything more interesting than the initiatives of other Bulgarian associations in the territory of the Czech capital, which turns it into a friendly bridge between our compatriots in the Czech Republic.

I express my most heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Kamelia Ilieva - editor-in-chief of the magazine "Roden glas", in whose person I found such a sunny and positive person and a true Bulgarian Radetel!

Link to Agathopolis Adventure on my Photo Moments site.

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