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The White guard of Ahtopol

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

A Requiem for a Dream

The white lighthouse of Ahtopol

Now I will tell you how I realized one of my dreams. A dream associated with an old, lonely lighthouse, a sea and me.

This is a story about the white lighthouse of Ahtopol.

The beginning of the dream

When I found out about the old lighthouse near the cliffs of Ahtopol, I had a strong desire to visit it and photograph it.

The white lighthouse of Ahtopol

And here I am on a hot and sunny May day at the port of Ahtopol - the city of love and happiness.

On the other side of the pier, which appeared as if from a dream, the old lighthouse rises and begs to be photographed.

You can get closer - between the cliffs are formed a kind of trail - stone arches and if the sea allows, you will reach as close as possible.

And it stands and waits.

The white lighthouse of Ahtopol

I walked along the shore, stopping from time to time to take pictures in the middle of blooming spring flowers.

Then on the cliffs - carefully on the shaped trail next to it. The sea was completely calm, so there was no danger of a wave crashing me.

The White Guard

This is one of the most beautiful lighthouses on the Bulgarian coast.

For the first time the light of the lighthouse shone on July 25, 1932, i.e. for 90 years now, the waves of time have been inexorably hitting this proud Guard, who is vigilantly guarding day and night.

How to get here?

You will find it in front of the entrance of the port of Ahtopol.

It is built on a reef, which makes it especially picturesque, but also so dangerous to maintain due to the difficult access to it.

The cliffs on which it rises are extremely beautiful.

The sea waves, chased by the wind, break into white foam, painting a new fairytale picture each time.

You will enjoy wonderful panoramas around.

A square base three and a half meters high is built on the farthest rock in the sea. A round stone tower, almost five meters high, is formed on the base. A two-meter reinforced concrete structure is mounted on the white tower, on which an iron prism with a height of three meters is placed.

The light of the white guard can be seen at a distance of more than eight kilometers into the sea.

Certainly this is not just my own dream!

Probably this dream is shared by a number of photographers, guests or just casual visitors in Ahtopol.

Perhaps this travel blog journey of mine and my photos will arouse the desires, aspirations and fantasies of many.

Who knows?

Enjoy my dream!

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