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Summer romantic walk

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

My dear friends, dear romantic souls, forever in love, this journey will take you among the rose bushes that bloom so beautifully in the height of summer.

Blooming roses

The colors collected in the photo moments presented here reflect the beauty of the world around us, hidden in the little things – a blooming rose, a budding flower, a greening bush...

Life is a miracle, my dear friends! Enjoy everything around you!

And don't forget this simple secret: "Truly is seen only with the heart! The essential is invisible to the eyes!"

Blooming roses

So what does one need - a crisp summer evening, a lake with lilies in bloom, rose bushes, a billion twinkling stars, the sparkle in the eyes, the shared love, the laughter of children around, the music of a thousand crickets, the breeze, the silver crescent of the moon, the song of the beech forest, the rainbow of the milky way and the warmth of a hand!

Blooming roses

For the sparkle in the eyes!

Blooming roses

For the song of the crickets!

Blooming roses

For romantic summer evenings!

Blooming roses

For shared love!

Blooming flower

To be!



Hand by hand.



Under the stars.






We are walking towards dreams.

And love shared, fiery and alive!

Like a flower blooming in midsummer, so beautiful!

I wish you magic, romance and shared love!

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