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St. Vrach park in Sandanski

Updated: Jun 11

I hardly managed to capture the beauty that fascinated many, in this beautiful Pirin region, but come and take a magical walk with me along the unique sandy alleys of St. Vrach and share the magic and charming hug of May.

The beauty of the river Sandanska Bistritsa and the charm of the park of St. Vrach

The river Bistritsa, which is mostly known as Sandanska Bistritsa (its old name was Svetivrachka Bistritsa) is the river near which this phenomenal park was built.

Sandanska Bistritsa is a left tributary of the Struma River. Its length is 33 kilometers. Drains parts of the southwestern slopes of Pirin.

Sandanska Bistritsa flows from the southeastern corner of Tevnoto Lake (2512 m above sea level), located in the Belemeto Circus in the Northern Pirin.

Near the town of Sandanski it emerges from the mountain and enters the Petrich-Sandanski valley, forming a large alluvial cone. It flows into the Struma River on the left.

Sandanska Bistritsa brings the coolness of the mountain with it and on hot and hot days it is always cool, fresh, noisy and wet.

A walk along the river is a great idea!

And accompanied by good company and in the embrace of the park - this is a healthy walk for body and soul!

The unique and one-of-a-kind sandy alleys of St. Vrach park add incomparable charm to your vacation!

The unique St. Vrach park

More than 160 plant species have been planted in the park, including ancient plane trees, declared natural landmarks.

There are plant species from the Far East - eucomia, sophora, lagerstremia, sakura, cryptomeria, magnolia, ginkgo; from America - gymnocladus, liquidambar, redwood, ornamental maples; from the Mediterranean - cypress, cedar, pomegranate, zokum, cork oak, laurel, latex wood, albicans, pine, laurel, fig.

Evergreen shrubs are planted around the water areas and rocky corners.

You will see ducks and swans along your favorite artificial lake.

The meeting with the nice aquatic inhabitants is always positively invigorating and brings incomparable joy.

In addition to the aquatic inhabitants, in the park of St. Vrach you will enjoy these colorful peacocks.

And here is the place to mention the healing power of long walks in this Pirin paradise!

Due to the lack of large enterprises polluting the region, this area is famous for one of the cleanest air in all of Bulgaria! That is why long walks along the river are excellent for people with respiratory problems.

Come here and breathe this crystal clear air that Sandanska Bistritsa brings from Pirin Mountain! Breathe in the life that all the greenery of St. Vrach park purifies!

Enjoy all the heavenly delight for all the senses and lead healthy!

Two cable-stayed bridges have been built over the river, which are illuminated at night.

It is most enjoyable for children here!

Come to St. Vrach park - this is a real paradise!

How to get to St. Vrach park in Sandanski?

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

And as an ending,

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