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St. Vlas

My dear friends, welcome to St. Vlas

This is a wonderfully beautiful town nestled among the green southern slopes of Stara Planina with a fantastic view of the endless blue sea!

An evening walk along the marina illuminated by countless lights is an incomparable pleasure!

How to get to St. Vlas?

The beaches of Saint Vlas are beautiful, with soft and fine sand, facing south, and there are almost no waves.

The combination of clean and fresh mountain air, sea climate and beautiful nature is unique! Summer days are characterized by quiet mornings and relatively cool afternoons.

Autumn is warm, long and quiet.

The first settlement in the vicinity was founded by the ancient Thracians.

Later, around the 2nd century BC, with the settlement of Greek colonists, the settlement began to be called Larissa. This name was used until the 14th century, when it took the name of Saint Vlas - patron of merchants, animal breeder, and also a healer. The new name of the settlement was connected with the large and famous monastery "St. Vlasius" located here. It lasted until the 18th century, when it was burned by the countless raids of pirates at that time.

During the years of Turkish slavery, several names of the village are known and all are connected with the monasteries. The Turks called it Küçük Monastery, and in the Ottoman tax records it was recorded as the village of "Manastir".

The view from here is towards Nessebar and Sunny Beach.

I wish you an exceptional, relaxing and impressive walk!

And as an ending,

my dear friends

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