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Roman tomb in Hisarya

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Dear friends, in this post I will tell you in more detail how to get to the late Roman family tomb of the second half of the IV century with a staircase corridor and burial chamber, which is located in Hisarya.

Roman tomb in Hisarya

A total of three tombs were discovered on the territory of Hisarya municipality, but this one is the most beautifully decorated and with the most interesting architecture.

Where is the Roman family tomb?

The starting point for today's journey will be the main southern gate of the ancient Diocletianopol and currently a symbol of Hisarya - The Camels.

If you have a car, there is a large and convenient parking lot in front of the Camels, where you can park.

The southern fortress wall of the ancient city of Diocletianopol

Continue along the road that winds in front of the southern fortress wall.

Signpost "Roman Tomb" in Hisarya

It will take you to the start of a path marked with a signpost.

The steps leading to a Roman tomb at Hisarya

Right in front of the sign you will find steps.

The path leading to a Roman tomb in Hisarya

Take the steps that lead to a very pleasant, quiet and peaceful path.

The path leading to a Roman tomb in Hisarya

The path is about 300 meters long, which means that in less than ten minutes you will be in front of the tomb.

Roman tomb in Hisarya

You will come out on a large meadow, near which there are benches to rest on.

Late Roman family tomb at Hisarya

The entrance to the tomb is in the middle of the meadow.

Late Roman family tomb at Hisarya

The tomb was discovered in 1957 and is the only Roman tomb discovered so far in Bulgaria with a floor mosaic.

It is believed that the tomb was intended for the family of a prominent slave owner. It consists of a long vaulted staircase corridor and a burial chamber.

The corridor descends at a 35 degree slope and is eight and a half meters long. At its end, through a narrow entrance, one goes to the actual burial chamber. It is a rectangular vaulted room with a width of almost three meters, a length of about four meters and a height of 2.3 meters. On its four sides, six niches with ritual significance have been built symmetrically. The walls are painted in motifs of plant ornaments, and the floor is arranged with a multi-colored mosaic panel in geometric shapes. Two burial beds were carved into the chamber. Small remains of bones and ceramic vessels were found in the tomb.

I wish you an impressive walk!

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