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Updated: Dec 12, 2022

My dear friends, this journey will take us through Medven - a picturesque, green, charming, lovely Bulgarian village!

The village of Medven, Sliven area, Bulgaria

Welcome in Medven!

The village of Medven is located in Stara Planina, 14 km from the town of Kotel and 6 km from the village of Gradets. The crossing Medvenska river is named after the village.

How to get to the village of Medven?

Medven is located among the southern slopes of the Kotlen Balkan and the surroundings are wonderfully beautiful!

The village of Medven, Sliven area, Bulgaria

Entering the village, you will see the town hall building and the post office.

The village of Medven, Sliven area, Bulgaria

Nearby is the fountain erected in memory of Vasil Bogalev-Medvenets – a construction engineer who supplied the village with drinking water.

The village of Medven, Sliven area, Bulgaria

Medven is the birthplace of Zahari Stoyanov - Bulgarian revolutionary, politician, journalist and writer, assistant apostle in the April Uprising and his first historiographer with his book "Notes on the Bulgarian Uprisings".

The village of Medven, Sliven area, Bulgaria

He was born here in 1850 in the family of the shepherd Stoyan Jedev Dalakchiev. His birth name is Jendo. He studied at the church and grade school in Medven in the period from 1856 to 1862.

The village of Medven, Sliven area, Bulgaria

What to visit nearby?

About two kilometers from the village of Medven, in the foothills of Stara Planina, there is a waterfall Siniyat vir (called Čirtovets in the past). In places, the pool is up to 8 meters deep, and its waterfall is 7 meters high. Up on the bed of the Medvenska river are the Malak skok and Golyam skok waterfalls.

Medven is close to Kotel and Zheravna, so you can combine the walk with visiting more sights around this incredibly beautiful region.

I wish you a charming walk!

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