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Maiden bath park & spring in Hisarya

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Dear fans of "Photo Moments", it is a great pleasure for me to present to you Maiden bath park & spring.

Maiden bath water pavilion in Hisarya

How to get to Maiden bath park?

It was built outside the boundaries of the ancient city of Diocletianopol.

To the north, the park borders Vasil Petrovich Street. To the east, the boundaries of the park are outlined by "General Gurko" boulevard. To the south and west, the park is bordered by "Ilin Paunov" street.

Maiden bath park in Hisarya

Maiden bath park is extremely green, quiet and peaceful, with large avenues for walking and cycling.

Maiden bath park in Hisarya

Maiden bath spring

The mineral water from Maiden bath spring has the highest radon content, which makes it the most indicative for the treatment of urological diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The water is alkaline, hydro-carbonate-sodium and fluorine, colorless and odorless and with a pleasant taste.

At this spring, in 1882, the first chemical analysis of mineral water in Bulgaria was made, thus marking the beginning of organized balneotherapy in our country. Then the government of Eastern Rumelia issued the first "Regulations for the operation of the hissar baths".

In the park there is Maiden bath water pavilion, which is one of the most famous and most visited places in the city of Hisarya.

Maiden bath water pavilion in Hisarya

The characteristics and chemical composition of the living water gushing from the "Momina Banya" spring are as follows:

  • Water temperature: 46°C

  • pH: 8.8

  • Radon content: 165 emanations / liter

  • Metasilicic acid: 61 mg/l

  • Fluorine: 4.5 mg/l

  • Calcium: 4 mg/l

  • Sodium: 58 mg/l

  • Chlorides: 8 mg/l

  • Sulphate: 28 mg/l

  • Hydrocarbons: 91 mg/l

  • Magnesium: trace amounts

Indications for treatment:

  • Renal and urological diseases - primarily kidney stone disease

  • Gastrointestinal diseases

  • Liver-biliary diseases

  • Endocrine-metabolic diseases – diabetes, gout and others

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Main biological effect of mineral water:

  • Enhancement of diuresis

  • Tissue washing - antitoxic effect

  • Breakdown of fat deposits

  • It enhances purine metabolism and removes uric acid from the body

  • Stimulates gastric secretion

  • Improves liver functions

Treatment methods:

  • Drinkable

  • External balneotherapy

My dear friends, I have very carefully transcribed this information for you from the whitewash sign hanging on one of the walls near the drinking pavilion at the Maiden bath spring.

In the next photo moment, I present to you the old building of the bathhouse in the park, which is currently being renovated. I expect in the spring the place will look in a new and attractive way, and I will be very happy to present it to you here.

The bath in the Maiden bath park

On top of the bath building there is a marble plaque with an inscription that reads:

At the time of the Roman emperors Maximian Galeri (293-311) and Licinius father (308-324), a large bath building was built on the spring "Momina Banya".

A Latin brick inscription has been preserved from this period, which speaks of the construction of a bath in honor of the mentioned Roman rulers.

Legend of the origin of the name "Maiden bath"

According to legend, the daughter of the local governor liked to bathe in the spring outside the fortress walls. Surprisingly, however, one day when the city was attacked by enemies and the gates of the fortress were closed, the boyar's daughter and her friends remained at the spring. In order not to be captured, the girls preferred to drown in the warm spring. Since then, the splashing of water in the bath can be heard at night and it is believed that the girls come out of the spring and dance.

There is also a second fountain in the Maiden bath park, which is probably fed by the same catchment.

A fountain in Maiden bath park

Spring beauties

In the spring, you can breathe in the aroma of magnificent lilac bushes in Maiden bath park.

In addition to these magical charms, the numerous spring flowers adorning the green areas of the park will make you a pleasant company.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this introduction, the trails of this park provide a wonderful opportunity for avid bike enthusiasts.

In the following videos I have captured my cycling adventures in the park, which I am happy to share with you!

In this way, you will see for yourself the qualities of this wonderful park!

I wish you wild beauty, a fabulous walk and magical emotions!

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