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Kadin bridge in Nevestino village

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

If you are traveling to Kyustendil, be sure to stop by the village of Nevestino, where you will find this beautiful bridge towering the Struma river.

Kadin bridge in Nevestino village, Bulgaria

Kadin Bridge, also known as the Bride's Bridge, is located in the center of the village of Nevestino.

How to get to Kadin bridge?

The bridge is about 100 meters long and about 5 meters wide and is built of large granite blocks.

It consists of five arches, the middle one being the highest and setting its specific pointed shape. In each of the columns is left a window for drainage of water when the tide is high.

On the eastern railing on the south side of the bridge is a huge granite slab with an Arabic inscription carved on it, which shows that the construction was ordered by Grand Vizier Isaac Pasha of Egira in 874 (1470), duringthe reign of Sultan Mehmed II.

The full text of the stone inscription:

By the high order of Isaac Pasha, one of the greatest viziers and noble chiefs, who does good deeds with pure spiritual impulse to receive the appropriate retribution from the creator, ordered the construction of this sacred bridge in this country for free passage of passengers. May the Almighty God fill his life with joy and gladness. Year 874.

Several legends tell the story of the creation of Kadin bridge.

It is possible that his name comes from the Turkish "Kadan Cuprasi" or "Bride's bridge".

The first legend is about Master Manol and how his bride was walled up in the foundations of the bridge. Legend has it that the construction of the bridge did not work, because everything that the masters built during the day was carried away by the stormy waters of the Struma at night. That is why the masters decided that for its successful construction they would have to sacrifice one of their wives and this would be the first to bring them food in the morning. The first morning Struma the bride, the wife of Master Manol, came and for this she was walled up in the foundations of the bridge. Hence the bridge is called "Bride" - in Turkish "Kadan".

The second legend says that the bridge was built by order of Sultan Murad as a wedding gift to a brave Bulgarian bride. When he went on a military campaign, the sultan met wedding guests at this place. They were not afraid of the sultan's troops, and the bride bowed to the sultan. When he asked her what gift she wanted, she wanted a bridge over the river. The bridge was built and named "Nevestin" or "Kaden" (later modified in Kadin).

The third legend says that the bridge was built at the insistence of a local Turkish judge - a Turkish "kadia", hence its name "Kadin" bridge.

There is a small beautiful park nearby, and the river itself is very beautiful.

The walk around is very pleasant!

The bridge, the park and the surrounding area offer charming views of the beautiful Rila.

Kadin Bridge can be visited by people of all ages. The children will be happy with the river inhabitants of Struma.

It is also fully accessible for people in wheelchairs.

My dear friends, I wish you a pleasant walk!

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