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Elenska Basilica in winter

Updated: Jan 25

My dear friends, I invite you on a journey to the Elenska Basilica in winter!

The ruins of Elenska Basilica in winter

The history of the basilica is extremely interesting and the winter walk makes the trip fabulous!

The ruins of Elenska Basilica in winter

The Elenski Monastery "St. Elijah" is the ruins of a fortified monastery complex destroyed by the Turks with an impressive early Christian basilica and fortress.

It consists of the temple itself, monastery buildings and their surrounding fortress walls, flanked by four-walled towers at the corners.

The monastery was an active and very important center of literature during the Second Bulgarian State and operated until the end of the 17th century, when it was unfortunately destroyed by the Turkish enslavers.

Then Yahia Pasha ordered the army to demolish with cannons, burn and destroy the thirteen hundred year old monastery.

How do you get to Elenska Basilica?

The monastery and the basilica are located very close to the town of Pirdop and the Sub-Balkan road. If you are traveling in the direction of Sofia - Burgas, watch for a turnoff on the left. There is also a huge signpost to follow.

After the turnoff, you will continue along a good paved road for about a kilometer and a half, and suddenly you will find yourself in a fabulous grove of beautiful young birches.

You are now at the foot of the southern slopes of the Zlatishko-Tetevensky division of the Stara Planina, in the area of Elensko, on the border of the Pirdop and Anton municipalities, where the field ends and the Stara Planina begins.

The road to the ruins of Elenska Basilica in winter against the background of Stara Planina

Directly next to it flows the small, but full-flowing, mountain Elenska river with the Elenska falls and the Elenska grove, which gave the name of the basilica.

The ruins of Elenska Basilica in winter against the background of Stara Planina

The remains of the majestic ruins are located on the right bank of the river.

The ruins of Elenska Basilica in winter against the background of Stara Planina

During the Second Bulgarian State, the Bulgarian monastery "St. Elijah", which is a significant literary center. The basilica itself was used as a monastery temple.

My dear friends, you can learn the full, detailed and detailed history of Elenska Basilica by following this link.

The ruins of Elenska Basilica in winter against the background of Stara Planina

Today, the Elenska Basilica is a cultural monument of European importance and is on the UNESCO list of protected cultural sites.

Saint Elijah in the midst of a chariot of fire drawn by four winged horses near the Elenska Basilica

Near the ruins, as a memory of the destroyed Bulgarian monastery, in 2010 the chapel "St. Ilia" was erected and consecrated.

What can you visit nearby?

About 10 kilometers from Elenska Basilica (about 12 minutes by car) is the town of Zlatica, where you can visit a number of interesting sights.

In the center of the town of Zlatica is the old clock tower.

From the old clock tower, head towards the northeastern part of Zlatitsa, north of the railway line, where "Stara planina" street is located. Taking it, you will soon find yourself outside the northern outskirts in the foothills of the Balkans, where humming will tell you that you are approaching Zlatitsa falls.

Zlatishki waterfall is also remarkable in autumn, when everything around is colorful and pastel.

In the immediate vicinity of the waterfall itself are the stairs that will take you to the chapel of St. St. Cyric and Iulita. The place offers an extremely beautiful view of the entire Zlatishko-Pirdop valley.

If you continue to the left past the waterfall, you will find yourself at the Ascension Monastery and Spasovo Kladchenche.

Don't miss to see the wonderful "Grandfather's Glove" park.

12 kilometers from the Elenska Basilica (about 15 minutes by car) is the beautiful Central Forest gem Dushantsi. In the center of the village stands a proud and dignified centennial sequoia, which awaits you.

Let your walk also take you to the beautiful church "St. St. Cyril and Methodius".

Church "St. St. Cyril and Methodius", located in the center of the village of Dushantsi

Dušanci is a delightful place in every season! Proof of this are the magnificent photo moments with the wonderful Christmas decorations, bringing so much delight to our senses!

At the end of the village, be sure to turn left, where an authentic Roman Kufarita bridge awaits you.

Authentic Roman bridge Kufarita near the village of Dushantsi

Continuing after the Kufarita bridge, the road will take you to the "St. George" chapel above Dushantsi, from where you will enjoy a wonderful view of the entire Zlatishko-Pirdop valley.

The road after the village will take you to the "Dushantsi" dam - magnificent in every season!

Enjoy the "Dushantsi" dam in autumn!

Enjoy the Dushantsi Dam in winter!

Enjoy the "Dushantsi" dam in the summer!

6 kilometers from Elenska Basilica (9 minutes by car) is the charming village of Anton, which I recommend you to explore.

Anton village, Anton municipality, Bulgaria

Near the village on the Sub-Balkan road itself, you can enjoy the wonderful Antonovski waterfall.

Anton falls, also known as the Butterfly falls

I wish you an exceptional, relaxing, wintery, fresh and impressive walk!

And as an ending,

my dear friends

following this link,

do not miss out

to feel and taste the full album with photo moments -

found out, experienced, photographed and shared with you!

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