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Chorbanovo dam and Rozovski Vriz resort

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

In case you are near the town of Bratsigovo and you want to see something charming nearby, here is an idea from me - a walk to the beautiful area Rozovski Vriz, and on the way to the resort we will visit Chorbanovo dam!

Chorbanovo dam
Autumn reflections at Chorbanovo dam

The road to Rozovski Vriz passes through the charming village of Rozovo. You will find it about five kilometers from the center of Bratsigovo on the road to the village of Ravnogor - follow the turnoff to the right.

How to get to the village of Rozovo?

The name of the village comes from the large areas of roses at the time, which were cultivated by hardworking rose growers from the region.

Apart from its rose plantations, Rozovo is also known for its strawberries - also a traditional livelihood for the people of Rozovo.

Arriving in Rozovo, you continue straight.

Signs will take you on the way to Rozovski Vriz resort.

Chorbanovo dam

First you will arrive at the Chorbanovo dam.

It's the beginning of November. Although in the middle of autumn, this day is extremely sunny, warm and just great for a walk.

Chorbanovo dam

Nearby there is a high tower built by the people, which reveals a great view of the autumn-transformed northern slopes of the Rhodopes.

The magnificent gazebo and fountain from which water gushes for thirsty throats.

Chorbanovo dam

Continuing further up the road, you will arrive at Rozovski Vriz resort.

Chorbanovo dam

An interesting and colorful children's playground awaits you, in front of which there is a small parking lot.

The vast green lawn is opposite - you can play a lot of fun games on this soft grass.

The wonderful decorations around the villa area.

Next to the fountain I found the Larch - dressed in a colorful pattern - a very interesting coniferous deciduous tree.

The resort is a starting point for Atoluka and Raven's cliff.

I wish you a charming walk!

And as an ending,

my dear friends

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