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Byala reka eco-trail

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

My dear friends, we are going on an adventure in the Balkans!

Byala reka eco-trail
Byala reka eco-trail

How do you get here?

The starting point is the city of Kalofer. Once you arrive, pass the Kalifer Voivode monument and head along Yumruk Chal Street to the outskirts of the city. Take the third exit on the right, leaving Kalofer.

From here to the beginning of the trail there are two options:

  1. Leave your car on the outskirts of town and continue on foot. The distance to the start of the eco-path is less than 6 kilometers in one direction. Take enough water with you and a hat if it's hot, because there is no shade on the way, and apply sunscreen. Be aware that the road is dirt and if the weather is dry, passing cars kick up a serious amount of dust and ash that sticks to you, which makes the walk quite enjoyable!

  2. You can continue with the private car to the cherished goal, bearing in mind that the road is black and in some places not very good. If your vehicle is not off-road, it will be an adventure and you will definitely be worried.

Good luck!

First, you will pass several quaint guest houses and restaurants, then you will pass the Kalofer Monastery.

Byala reka eco-trail
Byala reka eco-trail

The view around is really great! There are green meadows for rest and relaxation.

Byala reka eco-trail
Byala reka eco-trail

The golden autumn had arrived today in the Balkans and among the green trees, the fairies had begun to color the leaves in a variety of warm autumn colors, golden, red and brownish.

It is really beautiful!

The trail is open to visitors from May to October.

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied on the path.

Only 1 person per facility is allowed on the eco-trail.

Here we are at the beginning of the eco-path. By the river it is cool and pleasant. Signposts indicate where to take.

How difficult is the eco-trail itself?

Byala reka eco-trail
Byala reka eco-trail

And here I would like to draw your attention, because although there were people of all ages, I can safely say that in certain places the path is of a high degree of difficulty!

Prepare well! Water, lots of water, comfortable hiking shoes for serious trekking and climbing, a hat and something against the sun. There are several places that require serious climbing or descending, there are even rocky sections to overcome in places, and you should be serious and careful!

The length of the "Byala Reka" eco-path is 1830 meters. The path is circular.

The altitude at the beginning of the trail is 540 meters.

The altitude at the highest point of the trail is 630 meters.

The elevation is 60 meters.

The number of bridges you will cross is 8.

The duration of the trek is about 2 hours depending on the number and duration of breaks.

It is very beautiful! The Balkans are fascinating!

Already the colorful leaves of the forest glistened in the sun, and the river brought coolness.

Byala reka eco-trail
Byala reka eco-trail

The eco-path is in very good condition!

Byala reka eco-trail
Byala reka eco-trail

Despite the line of people, the surroundings are surprisingly clean and well maintained! The organizers have prepared for all of us a more than exciting experience in the middle of the Central Balkans, many interesting surprises and challenges.

Byala reka eco-trail
Byala reka eco-trail

Information boards will tell you about the herbs, animals and plants in this wonderful part of Bulgaria.

Byala reka eco-trail
Byala reka eco-trail

You will find out which animals leave what traces.

Byala reka eco-trail
Byala reka eco-trail

You will learn who is the top predator on our planet (there was a lot of laughter, teasing, jokes and just a great mood here), but to find out, you will have to visit the White River eco-trail.

What is expected of us - the visitors of the "Byala Reka" eco-trail?

  • To learn more about wildlife;

  • To capture incredibly beautiful photographs;

  • To enjoy the fresh air;

  • Let's surrender to the beautiful birdsong;

  • Let us not stray from the path;

  • To cross the bridges and facilities one at a time without pushing each other;

  • To protect other visitors;

  • Let's not disturb the forest dwellers.

Of course, the children have the most fun and are quite curious!

Prepare well and have a nice walk!

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