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Batak Dam

Dear friends, I present to you the Batak Dam.

Batak Dam.

"Batak" is the sixth largest dam in Bulgaria.

Batak Dam

Where is Batak Dam located?

It is located in the Western Rhodopes, Pazardzhik district and is 4 kilometers from the town of Batak, 7 kilometers from the town of Rakitovo and 19 kilometers from the town of Velingrad.

It was built on the river Mutnitsa.

Batak Dam

The area of the dam is 22 square kilometers, and its volume is 309,000,000 cubic meters.

Batak Dam

Batak Reservoir is a preferred place for a mountain vacation, in the midst of peace and comfort, with the possibility of fishing all year round.

Batak Dam

On the western shore of the dam is the mountain resort of Tsigov Chark.

Batak Dam

Near Tsigov chark, in the southwestern part of the dam, there is also the island of Golaka, which is 1108 meters high and has an area of about 3 hectares.

Batak Dam
Golaka Island

On the other side of the dam is the Dаnoto resort.

Batak Dam

The "Batak" dam is part of the Batak hydroelectric power station cascade and into it flows the waters of the "Batak" hydroelectric power plant, which is the main source of electricity in the territory of the Pazardzhik region.

I wish you a charming walk!

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