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Banya - a source of health and beauty

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The town of Banya, municipality of Karlovo is a resort town in Central Bulgaria, known as Karlovo Mineral Baths.

The logo of the city of Banya, Karlovo
The logo of the city of Banya, Karlovo

My dear friends, you will find Banya in the fertile Karlovo valley along the river Stryama.

How do you get to the city of Banya, Karlovo municipality?

The town of Banya is located only 12 kilometers from Karlovo, 12 kilometers from Hisarya and 50 kilometers from Plovdiv.


The altitude of the resort is 282 meters. The climate is mild, transitional continental. The Banya resort ranks second after Sandanski in terms of the number of sunny days during the year.

Relaxation corner in the city of Banya, Karlovsko
Кът за отдихRelaxation corner

Snow in the area very rarely lingers, due to the presence of underground warm mineral springs.

Banya arose thanks to the presence of healing mineral water, as well as the production of wines and essential oils - rose, mint and lavender. The wine and butter industries grew with the arrival of the two Bagar brothers.

In 1927, Tsar Boris III stayed in Velizar Bagarov's house for treatment. After the relief of his illness, he built here in 1929 his home, known as the Palace in Banya.

The palace in the city of Banya, Karlovo
The palace

The "Royal Bath" was built especially for the king, which can still be seen today near the building of the Central Bath.

The Royal bath in the city of Banya, Karlovo
The Royal bath
Healing mineral water

Central mineral bath in the town of Banya, Karlovsko
Central mineral bath

The healing mineral water gushing from the spring at the Central Bath is weakly mineralized, sodium fluorine-hydrocarbonate-sulfate and has the following chemical composition:

  • Fluorine – 8.4 milligrams / liter

  • Sulfate – 77.57 milligrams / liter

  • Hydrocarbonate – 67.51 milligrams / liter

  • Carbonate – 18.11 milligrams / liter

  • Sodium / potassium - 91.31 milligrams / liter

  • Metasilicic acid – 59.67 milligrams / liter

The mineral healing water is characterized as hyperthermal with a temperature of 49.5 degrees Celsius and has been proven to support the treatment of the following diseases:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system - rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, infectious arthritis, arthrosis, diseases of the surrounding tissues, Bekhterev's disease, post-traumatic diseases of the motor system;

  • Diseases of the peripheral nervous system and spinal cord - neuritis, disc herniations, residual phenomena after polio, conditions after trauma to the peripheral nervous system;

  • Gynecological diseases - chronic inflammatory processes of the ovaries, infertility due to uterine infontility.

The mineral water of Banya is not recommended for drinking!

A wonderful green corner for rest and relaxation has been formed around the Central Bath.

The park around the Central Banya in the city of Banya, Karlovsko
The park around the Central Banya

In the Banya resort, the sun and the air take a direct role in the healing process.

Over the fences of the bathhouses, hundreds of red roses smile at you, which also support the healing process and restore the overall emotional tone of the body.

A rose bush of red roses in the town of Banya, Karlovo
A rose bush of red roses

Walking along the wide avenues of the green areas set aside for this purpose is an exceptional pleasure that everyone should do.

"Vasil Levski" park in the city of Banya, Karlovsko
"Vasil Levski" park

Come here too! Rest your body on a park bench. Feel the life-giving rays of the sun in this wonderful region of Bulgaria. And be healthy!

A view to the town of Banya from Sarnena Sredna gora
A view to the town of Banya from Sarnena Sredna gora

Magnificent views of the city of Banya, the surrounding area and the blue curves of the Schtinska Sredna gora, taken from a height in the skirts of the beautiful Sarnena Sredna gora.

I wish you a wonderful and healthy walk!

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