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The legend of Stana Urdovizka

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

White Stana became famous,

white Stana Urdovizka,

from a city to the city of Constantinople.

Where it was the king himself hear for her,

the king himself, the Turk,

He sent three hundred people,

three hundred black Turks,

black Turkish Anatolians,

to take her as a queen.

They went and took her.

They put her in the ship,

they swept her into the sea.

The greatest spoken:

Mari Stano, white Stano,

white Stano Urdovizka,

turn around and look -

your village is on fire,

your village, your houses.

White Stana spoken:

- Let them burn,

my mother and my father,

that we were nine brothers,

nine brothers, nine sisters.

They were sent to our village,

in our village, our faith.

I was sent to another village -

in another village, to another faith, another faith - of a Turk.

Stana Urdovizka, Kiten

Once upon a time, long, long ago, before the Trojan Paris stole the Beautiful Helen, starting the Trojan War, here, where today we find the beautiful town of Kiten, there was an ancient settlement called Urdoviza.

Even today you can see the remains of ancient fortress walls, witnesses of so much history, human destinies, inexorably and irrevocably engulfed by time.

Centuries passed and this ancient city became part of the state - our Bulgaria.

Later, when the Ottomans began their relentless advance on Bulgarian lands and shortly before the fall of the second Bulgarian kingdom, our today's legend-tale begins right here.

There it is the legend tale!

When the troops of Sultan Murad captured Strandzha mountain in the 14th century, the smart, brave and extremely beautiful Stana Urdovizka ruled over the Black Sea fortress of Urdoviza.

Several times the sultan sent warriors to capture the Stana's fortress, but without success.

It so happened that the sultan himself found out about the beautiful Stana and, captivated by the magic of love, ordered her to become his wife, and as a dowry she to receive her fortress.

The clever Stana agreed, setting new conditions - a horseman to ride the best stallion and with him to tour the lands adjacent to the fortress Strandzha and all that the horseman manages to circumnavigate in a day, to become a royal land - Hasekia (royal region) and free privileged land.

Stana Urdovizka, Kiten

"So be it!" said the Sultan, captivated and fascinated by the beauty of the charming Bulgarian woman.

The clever Stana, however, had a very cunning plan.

In advance, in certain places around whole Strandzha, the cunning Stana ordered the same-looking stallions to be placed, which the rider could change so that he could tour a larger area within the day.

The plan succeeds completely!

At the end of the day, at the setting sun, the rider with the last stallion arrives on today's northern beach of Kiten, where, according to the legend, they fall and die from the exhausting race.

Even today this bay is called Atliman - at (stallion) and liman (bay), ie the bay of the stallion.

According to some songs, it is not a horseman, but Stana herself who travels the lands with her stallion and finally falls dead.

Stana Urdovizka, Kiten

The Sultan's decree, which gave privileges to the population in Hasekia, was destroyed much later - in 1845, when it last guardian Hadji Stoyan from the village of Zvezdets was killed.

After numerous pirate attacks on Russian Cossacks, the people of Urdoviza fled to the mountains.

After the annexation of the peninsula to Bulgaria in 1912, a military contingent was stationed there and the city was forgotten by historians and archaeologists.

Excavations of the fortress walls of the ancient city of Urdoviza continue today and who knows what other extremely interesting legends will be revealed.

How to get to Atliman beach in the beautiful town of Kiten?

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

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