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The Colonnade in Hisarya

Dear fans of "Photo Moments", our most beloved Hisarya definitely has several iconic symbols, one of which I present to you today with interest!

This is the Colonnade!

The colonnade in the city of Hisarya

It was built way back in 1960 and is an exact copy of a Roman colonnade.

Here is an interesting fact for all of you – the catchment of the "Momina Salza" spring supplies both the "Momina Salza" water pavilion and the Colonnade fountain with healing mineral water.

The characteristics and chemical composition of aqua vitae gushing from the "Momina salza" spring are as follows:

  • Water temperature: 41°C

  • pH: 8.2

  • Radon content: 28 emanations / liter

  • Metasilicic acid: 41 mg/l

  • Fluorine: 4.5 mg/l

  • Calcium: 7 mg/l

  • Sodium: 63 mg/l

  • Chlorides: 15 mg/l

  • Sulphate: 30 mg/l

  • Hydrocarbons: 94 mg/l

  • Magnesium: trace amounts

Indications for treatment:

  • Gastrointestinal diseases

  • Liver-biliary diseases

  • Endocrine-metabolic diseases – diabetes, gout and others

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Main biological effect of mineral water:

  • Enhancement of diuresis

  • Tissue washing - antitoxic action

  • Breakdown of fat deposits

  • It enhances purine metabolism and removes uric acid from the body

  • Stimulates gastric secretion

  • Improves liver functions

Treatment methods:

  • Drinkable

  • External balneotherapy

The colonnade in the city of Hisarya

On the arch of the colonnade, the main crystals of the mineral water are symbolically painted.

The colonnade in the city of Hisarya

Pay special attention to the beautiful faience mosaics-panels adorning the arches of the Colonnade!

They depict ancient legends and myths and are the work of the famous Bulgarian illustrator Nevena (Neva) Tuzsuzova and her daughter Ana Tuzsuzova.

In addition to the arches of the Colonnade, the two artists also worked together on the unique panel of the magnificent "Momina Salza" fountain, which you will find nearby, with which they develop the idea of continuity of beauty through the centuries - from antiquity, through legends and so on to the present day.

The master panel, spread out, is extremely valuable, because there is no similar analogue in Bulgaria!

At the end of the Colonnade is hung a panel depicting the symbol of the city of Hisarya - the main southern fortress gate "The Camels" of the ancient city of Diocletianopol. The gate is an emblematic and symbolic place that will always be associated with this city, its history and destiny.

Emblem - symbol of the city of Hisarya

You will come across this symbol wherever Hisarya is spoken, written or mentioned!

The upper part of the Hisarya logo is precisely the main southern gate. In the lower part of the logo-emblem of Hisarya we see its warm healing mineral springs.

How do you get to the Colonnade?

You will find the Colonnade next to "Ivan Vazov" boulevard and directly opposite the "Momina Salza" fountain.

Admire the beautiful Momina salza fountain nearby. Sit on one of the benches around the fountain so that you can feel its refreshing spray on you. Around hundreds of colors splash sunny smiles and create warm emotions!

Momina salza fountain in Hisarya

You're probably wondering what the statue of a young naked woman with arms outstretched holding a large tray symbolizes?

There is an old sensual legend, perfectly illustrated by this statue, and I will tell it to you now!

Opposite the Colonnade is another of the symbols of the city - the doe of Hisarya.

The doe of the city of Hisarya

The majestic, peaceful and green Momina salza park starts from here. Take one of its alleys and lose yourself in beauty!

Momina salza park in Hisarya

Nearby in the spring, you will marvel at a veritable extravaganza of pink color gathered in the branches of blooming Japanese cherry trees and magnolias!

Japanese cherry blossoms in the city of Hisarya

Minutes from the Colonnade, you can explore the authentic Roman baths (baths) - one of the few preserved authentic Roman baths in Europe.

They are almost completely preserved and definitely impress with their originality.

Authentic Roman baths in Hisarya

Minutes from the Colonnade is the beautiful Christian church "Saint Panteleimon", which I advise you to visit.

Christian temple "Saint Panteleimon" in the city of Hisarya

The main western gate of the ancient city of Diocletianopol is also nearby. It is one of the two gates preserved to this day. Its main arch is impressive! Pass under it as I reveal its secrets to you!

Main western gate of the ancient city of Diocletianopol in the city of Hisarya

I wish you wild beauty, a fabulous walk and magical emotions!

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