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Don Quixote and the windmills

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

The subtitle of this travel blog journy is "Somewhere in Dobrudzha".

My dear friends,

the true photographer is a special breed at heart.

He is from another universe. It's not from here.

The photographer at heart sometimes does not have a specific goal.

Sometimes, the photographer at heart just stops by the roadside and starts taking pictures.

Just like this.

Something that caught his attention.

Something beautiful. Something unique. Something out of this world.

In my many travels around the world, many times I really just wanted to take out my phone and take pictures. Just like this.

The photos in this travel blog journey were taken during a wonderful, sunny autumn day somewhere in the endless fields of Dobrudzha.

A kind of windmills and I - in the role of Don Quixote.

My dear friends, I present to you the vast & endless fields of Dobrudzha and the giant windmills.

To new dreams, my friends!

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