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The Black cliff

Updated: May 21, 2022

My dear friends, in this travel blog journey we are going to take together on a wonderful autumn walk in Rila.

Come on, pack up your bagpacks and let's go!

To the Black cliff

Where is the starting point of the trail to the Black cliff?

One way or another you have to go to the resort of Borovets.

The starting point is very precisely marked in Google maps and you can set it on your navigation, and you will arrive exactly where you need to.

For the rest of you - the starting point is right after the last roadside hotels, if you travel from the town of Samokov to the village of Raduil or just after Maritsa brewery on the left, if you travel from the village of Raduil to the town of Samokov.

The huge roadside sign

Watch out for a huge roadside sign and two signposts pointing in the direction of the Maritza and Zavrachitsa huts, one in yellow.

Black cliff sign

On the next tree there is another sign with the name "Black cliff".

This is the starting point!

You continue on the off road for another hundred or two hundred meters, and just before the forest you can leave your car.

The parking lot and start point of the trail

The trail is wide and almost flat all the time and if you have an off-road vehicle, it can take you far ahead, but that will ruin the great walk, right!

So leave the cars here and let's go!

The first fork

The first fork will soon follow - for Sitnyakovo on the right and for the Black cliff - on the left.

Today we continue to the left!

The trail winds entirely in the shadows of the Rila trees and is really very, very nice!

It does not get tired and is light and shady.

There are signs for the time you have left to walk, and all the time in one direction is less than an hour and with enough breaks.

Rila is great!

Beauty surrounds me everywhere! The views around are breathtaking!

To the Black cliff

Which for more time, which for less - you will soon arrive at several tables and benches.

Several signs are hung on the tree behind them.

Here you can stop, rest your tired legs, support yourself by eating, because we will take the narrow path on the left. She takes us out on the Black cliff.

Before the finish at the end of the cliff are formed several smaller sites with protective railings, from which there is also a great view.

Of course, the climax is yet to come!

On a beautifully designed and protected path you will reach the end - the Black cliff itself.

The view that unfolds from here cannot be described in words - it must be experienced!

The weather was favorable for me - a clear, sunny, autumn day in Rila! Prerequisite for magnificent views and phenomenal photos!

In clear weather you will see the villages of Raduil, Maritsa, Dolna Banya and Gutsal.

And the autumn slopes of Rila are really colorful, generous in colors and amazingly charming!

Stay here - in this unearthly Rila beauty as much as you want!

Then you will return to the tables with benches.

And here comes another surprise!

Do not return immediately, but continue on the trail a little longer - about ten to fifteen minutes.

You will arrive at a place that reveals a fabulous view of the Black cliff itself, but from afar.

You will see the whole cliff!

Sight towards the Black cliff

As you can see, the view from here is also more than excellent!

The face on the cliff

And does it just seem that way to me - face on the cliff ?!

The way back is easy and pleasant - just like coming. Now, however, he is not in the mood of anticipation, which has been replaced by the satisfaction of the views, nature, Rila and autumn!

You will soon be in a starting position.

At the end of this extraordinary adventure I will share with you another look at the Black cliff - from the end of the village of Raduil.

A view of the Black cliff from the village of Raduil

I captured this photo moment by the way out of Raduil. The distance between the shooting point and the subject in a straight line is about 4 and a half kilometers.

Do not forget to see my short movie about my journey!

I wish you an exceptional and impressive walk!

And as an ending,

my dear friends

following this link,

do not miss out

to feel and taste the full album with photo moments -

found out, experienced, photographed and shared with you!


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